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Bigg Boss 13, Day 84, Dec 23: Sidharth teases Shehnaaz; Madhurima irked at Shehnaaz’s ‘girls smoking’ remark

Sidharth tries to explain things to Shehnaaz and how she looks like a fool by becoming a part of each other’s game.

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Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Salman Khan coming on stage and greeting everyone. He tells them he will be reading tweets for the housemates from celebrities and they have to guess for whom it has been tweeted. The first tweet is from Kamya Punjabi and Paras Chhabra feels it is for Rashami Desai, so he goes on to spray on her, and the next tweet is from Bipasha Basu for Arti Singh. The next tweet is from Vindu Dara Singh and Paras guesses Vishal Aditya Singh, but it turns out to be wrong. Next up, he moves to Shehnaaz and asks her about Kishwer’s tweets; moving onto Vindu Dara’s tweet and he asks Mahira about it, she sprays on Arhaan, and the last tweet is from Manu Punjabi. Salman then announces the next game, ‘galatfehmi ke gubbare’. The game starts and everyone bursts each other’s balloons.

Next up, it is time for the caller of the week, and the call comes for Vishal, and he tells him that he looks confused and he is getting into fights unnecessarily and not using his mind. Salman then gives a run-through of the nominated contestants and says that if it was for him, he would have evicted most of the house members leaving 2-3 people. He announces that Vishal and Arhaan Khan are in the bottom 2 this week. He also announces that it is time for Arhaan’s eviction. The housemates are left wondering if it is for real and Rashami breaks down.

Sidharth too goes on to hug Arhaan and they have a sweet moment, while Salman returns to tell everyone that Arhaan is not evicted after all and there are no eliminations this week. He also says that the nominations of this week will be continued to the next week, and the votes will be carry forwarded as well. He, however, announces Asim is safe for the next week too as he was the captain.

Arhaan then goes to Paras to talk to him, and they talk about Rashami’s fight, asking each other not to interfere in the fights. Meanwhile, Sidharth tries to explain things to Shehnaaz and how she looks like a fool by becoming a part of each other’s game. Rashami speaks to Asim and Arhaan about Sidharth. Sidharth also goes to Paras and tells them about this conversation of theirs, while Vishal talks to Rashami about the other team, while Sidharth makes fun of their conversation as Salman looks over, and he bids goodbye finally. Meanwhile, Sidharth and Shehnaaz talk about the former’s fight and he tries to put his side forward too, saying he is angry at Arhaan.

The next morning, everyone wakes up to the song “Love Aaj Kal”. Mahira complains in the kitchen that no one has woken up while Paras tells the former to not do her duty of making breakfast for the day since no one is awake. Arhaan then complaints about it, while Arti comes to Mahira, asking her to come to cook. Arti then takes up Mahira’s breakfast duty. Madhurima Tuli then questions how one can deny duties early in the morning, and the conversation continues. Shehnaaz, Madhurima, and others keep talking about Mahira. Asim then tells Mahira that she does not have to cook at all, while Shehnaaz and Shefali Bagga continue to crib.

Madhurima then asks everyone to wash their own breakfast utensils, creating another issue. Arti then tells Shehnaaz to look at her behaviour and how she is not here to make this a home, and they are only there to get money. Shehnaaz tries to explain things to Madhurima, but she does not agree, while Shefali Bagga says she is only doing this to create an issue. Sidharth’s banter with Shehnaaz continues. Sidharth tries to annoy Arti, while Shehnaaz tells Sidharth to not talk to him, but he keeps teasing her.

Vikas Gupta and Shefali Jariwala, on the other hand, talk about Sidharth and Shehnaaz and how they are cute and actually madly in love. Sidharth, Shehnaaz, and Arti have a funny conversation at the dinner table.

Asim asks Madhurima to do the utensils as there are no cups, and she then gets into an argument with Arti. The fight escalates as more people get involved. Meanwhile, Rashami and Arhaan talk about Sidharth and how things were bad back when they were working together, and many other things. Sidharth is back to teasing Arti with the independent thing while talking to Vikas and she gets annoyed and he then goes onto hug her. Arti then finally talks to Rashami and they try to clarify things with each other.

Arti and Rashami get into a major argument, while Sidharth talks to Arti too, about the same thing. They then begin talking about smoking and Shehnaaz says how girls must not do it and talk about her own philosophy. This leads to them getting into an argument with Madhurima due to her comments about Shehnaaz and her friendships in the house and things only become bigger thereon. Meanwhile, Arti and Mahira too talk about this, and then after losing her calm, Arti comes to fight with Madhurima, and in the end, Shefali Jariwala, as well as Vikas, ask Madhurima to stop doing this.

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