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Bigg Boss 13, Day 115, Jan 23: Captaincy task puts Sidharth against Asim-Shehnaaz

Sidharth tells Shehnaaz that he will not hate her ever, but he will also not be in touch with her, leaving Shehnaaz rather surprised.

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Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 starts with Asim Riaz losing his calm when he asks about eggs to Shefali Jariwala but Sidharth Shukla too, comments on it. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz Gill, Sidharth, and others talk about Abu Malik and how things were back then. Shehnaaz walks away while sitting with Sidharth once again and he fails to understand what just happened. Meanwhile, Rashami Desai asks Paras Chhabra about the rotis, but he says that Shefali Jariwala will be cooking for him, Mahira, and herself, which seems to have hurt Rashami and Shehnaaz and others discuss the same.

Trying to put his stance before Shehnaaz, Sidharth tells what is his idea of their equation, and Shehnaaz too tells her point of view, and during this conversation, Sidharth tells Shehnaaz that he will not hate her ever, but he will also not be in touch with her, leaving Shehnaaz rather surprised. Meanwhile, Paras seems to be upset and he rants before Mahira Sharma and Shefali about his girlfriend outside, Akanksha Puri.

The next morning, everyone gets into an argument when Shehnaaz tells Shefali and others post last night when Rashami was told that they will make their own paranthas. Another argument follows between Paras and Rashami over duties.

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz talks to Rashami and tells her how she shouldn’t let her duties become an issue in the house. Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s banter continues this time over Arti Singh and some more. Rashami comes to Sidharth and asks him if he thinks he got typhoid because of her paranthas and also asks him why did he refuse from eating them today. Sidharth takes it in a fun away but says that he doesn’t think that way.

Shehnaaz then sings ‘pehle baar pyaar hua’ while Sidharth teases her.

Bigg Boss then announces the next captaincy task and also says that post their fight last time, Sidharth and Asim will not be contending for captainship this week as a punishment. Shefali reads out the rules for the task in which there is a big spider which gives out eggs at regular intervals. The person who has collected the maximum number of eggs can remove another person he/she wants to. The person who goes out first is the sanchalak. Sidharth explains the strategy to Paras and team while Asim explains it to his team. The task starts and Paras tries to block Vishal Aditya Singh while Shefali holds onto Rashami, stopping her from even trying to collect the eggs. Paras also picks up eggs from the opposite team’s basket. Everyone is busy collecting eggs from each other’s baskets, leading to a lot of chaos. As the task gets physical, Bigg Boss asks them to stop the task, leading to a fight between Paras and Vishal.

Sidharth and Shehnaaz get into a war of words while Mahira keeps shouting, and a fight follows between Paras and Asim. Rashami decides to not play the game saying she does not want to be a part of violence. Shehnaaz supports Asim, while Mahira and Paras discuss how it was a mistake to support Shehnaaz. Sidharth and Shehnaaz get into another argument while Paras and others discuss the game forward.

Bigg Boss asks everyone to resume the task and informs them how they cannot move the baskets and hence, he aborts the first round. The next round begins and Shefali blocks Shehnaaz this time around while Mahira blocks Rashami and Arti continues her game with Paras blocking Vishal. Post the round gets over, Shehnaaz hits Sidharth and tells him she hates him. She seems to have lost her calm while Rashami says this is what they will do since they are more. Mahira wins the round and takes Vishal out who then becomes the sanchalak.

Post all of this, Arti asks Sidharth that she knows she is not winning the task, and he explains it to her how he is cool with any of them becoming the captain from their team. Meanwhile, Vishal finds the loophole saying how others cannot fill each other’s baskets. Shehnaaz speaks to Asim about Sidharth and team and how things work with them. Sidharth too speaks up and says how she belongs in that team given none of them deserve to be trusted.

Asim tries to explain things to Shehnaaz and also speaks about Sidharth and his fight with him. The next round begins and the defense continues. Vishal is then asked to give the final decision and he says that he aborts the round. He then changes the decision and declares Shehnaaz the winner, and he changes the decision once again, leaving Bigg Boss confused too, who then asks for the final decision. This time around, he declares Shehnaaz the winner once again. When she announces Shefali to be ousted from the task, she refuses to agree, leading to some more arguments. Sidharth continues to poke Asim who goes straight up to him and shouts at him at the top of the voice.

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