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Bigg Boss 13, Day 106, Jan 14: Asim Riaz becomes first member of Elite Club

Asim says that Shehnaaz does not deserve to be an elite member because she flips a lot.

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Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 continues with Asim and Shehnaaz trying their best to prove their worth for the Elite Club in front of Hina Khan. Asim says that Shehnaaz does not deserve to be an elite member because she flips a lot. Arti tries to defend Shehnaaz in her own manner. Rashami says that Asim can be trusted as a strong personality. Hina Khan asks Mahira about her opinion regarding Shehnaaz. Mahira refuses to speak about the same but on being confronted by Hina, she says that Shehnaaz deserves to be an elite member.

Thereafter, everyone tries to provide their own point of view about Asim and Shehnaaz. This leads to some arguments and difference in opinions among certain housemates. Hina says that she salutes Shehnaaz’s patience and that it is cute how she tries to talk to Sidharth most of the time. However, she also adds that somewhere Shehnaaz is lost in this process. Hina finally announces Asim as the first member of the elite club. Bigg Boss also congratulates him post which Hina is asked to show him the elite club. Thereafter, Hina takes leave from everyone.

Arti and Shehnaaz have a discussion about how some of the housemates including Vishal called her fake and flipper. Shehnaaz goes and confronts Vishal about the same to which he says that he said so because she called him weak. Rashami says that it is a wrong statement when someone is called weak or being considered among bottom two housemates. Shehnaaz and Vishal try to clarify the same but the situation only worsens among them. Arti also gets into an ugly spat with Vishal and Shehnaaz ends up calling him a fake person.

Rashami tells Paras how Shehnaaz has called Vishal weak. She says that if he had to be eliminated than he would have gone out by then. Sidharth confronts Rashami and says that she has also called Mahira weak at times to which the latter agrees but puts out her point of view. Sidharth says that whatever Shehnaaz had stated about Vishal was her own point of view. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz informs Shefali that Paras had created problems between her and Mahira. She also says that the same problem has started with Sidharth now.

Shehnaaz says that Mahira has issues with her to which Shefali also agrees citing the reason that the former taunts her. Shehnaaz tells Shefali and Sidharth that she feels she has fallen in love with Sidharth. The three of them end up getting involved in a fun banter thereafter. Sidharth and Shefali lock themselves together in the bathroom to make Shehnaaz jealous. Later on, Sidharth pulls Shehnaaz’s leg by talking about Kartik Aaryan and Gautam Gulati. Shehnaaz says that she wants him to care of her and that she has too many expectations for him.

Sidharth says that he has the best time and equation inside the house with Shehnaaz but things won’t be the same outside the house. Shehnaaz says she understands the same but this habit of hers won’t change immediately when they will be outside. Later on, Shehnaaz advises Madhurima not to react on anything done by Vishal. Madhurima and Vishal taunt each other and call each other names. Sidharth asks Vishal to talk to Madhurima post which the latter says that she does not understand jokes. The two of them get involved in a fun conversation thereafter.

Later on, Vishal calls Madhurima to talk to her alone. He confronts her for calling him certain names in front of others. Madhurima accuses Vishal of being in need of content because of which he is fighting with her. Vishal asks her to not call him names to which she says that she was just joking. The two of them get involved in an ugly spat thereafter as Sidharth and Shehnaaz look from behind. Vishal says that his biggest mistake in life was that he dated her.

The next morning, the housemates wake up and dance to an energetic song. Shefali, Mahira and Paras have a discussion about Shehnaaz. Shefali says she asked Shehnaaz the reason behind not talking to Mahira and the latter’s reply about the same. Mahira says Shehnaaz became too proud after Salman Khan compared her to Katrina Kaif. Shefali also calls Shehnaaz a spoilt brat. Later on, Sidharth and Madhurima get involved in a fun banter while washing utensils. He also pulls Rashami’s leg in between. Sidharth asks Vishal the reason behind his silence post which the latter cracks a joke related to the ‘chappal’ incident.

Asim says that Sidharth is trying to switch from the fighting phase to the entertainment phase because of which he is behaving sweetly with everyone. Asim goes and sits inside the elite house from where he interacts with Madhurima and Rashami. Later on, Shehnaaz hilariously asks Sidharth to kiss her which he denies.

Bigg Boss gives an interesting task to the housemates in which they will be divided into two teams. Arti and Shefali are assigned the judges of the task. The two teams will have to create two advertisements in which Shehnaaz and Mahira will be the main faces. The advertisements will be presented in front of the judges thereafter. The housemates start strategising about the task and make stories for the advertisements. Paras’ team is the first to perform in front of the judges followed by Sidharth’s team.

Shefali and Arti after having a discussion announce that Paras’ team has won the task. Sidharth confronts them about the reason for selecting the opposing team as the winner. All of them try to provide their own points of view about the same. Sidharth and Shehnaaz also get involved in an argument about the same. The winning team’s members Paras and Vishal get a chance to bring certain items from the store for which they are given ten minutes.

Sidharth and Arti also get involved in an argument regarding the advertisement task. Paras, Madhurima and Mahira discuss that Sidharth can’t accept defeats. Shehnaaz says that if she had been assigned the judge then she would have also chosen Paras’ team. Later on, she informs Arti that Sidharth is irked with her again. Asim informs Vishal that he won’t cook food for Shefali as he does not like her. Shehnaaz applauds him and says that at least he has a stand in his life. In the meantime, Shehnaaz tries to talk to Sidharth but fails.

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