The newly released Indian crime series on Netflix starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, and Radhika Apte has landed in legal trouble. A Congress member in West Bengal has filed a complaint against the show producers and Nawazuddin for “abusing” former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

According to NDTV’s report, the man who identifies as Rajiv Sinha wrote in his letter to Kolkata police that  Nawazuddin as Ganesh Gaitonde “abused our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi calling him fattu, which was translated as pu*** in the subtitle”.

The dialogue in the Sacred Games by Nawazuddin as Gaitonde that Sinha didn’t find appropriate is: “Shah Bano ko alag jalaya, desh ko alag. She took her husband to court and won. But the Prime Minister told her to shut up and overturned the court’s judgment. Even Hindus criticised him. To please them, Ramayan, the TV show, aired every Sunday morning when the entire country glued to their televisions.”

Sacred Games is based on Vikram Chandra’s novel which goes by the same name. The story revolves around the Mumbai mafia, Ganesh Gaitonde played by Nawazuddin who believes himself to be more powerful than God. Saif Ali Khan is seen playing Sartaj Singh, a seasoned, cynical police officer.

Along with Radhika Apte as Anjali Mathur, Sartaj makes it to the centre of a mysterious web woven by the powerful criminal overlord, Ganesh Gaitonde.

The plot twists and turns along the dark alleys of Mumbai, with Ganesh and Sartaj tightening their grip on each other and staking everything on victory, including the city itself.