Days after Robert De Niro was announced the face of Warburtons bread, the star actor reportedly lost a tooth while eating a slice of toast, the British media reported.

The incident took place in Birmingham on Tuesday hours before he was to appear on stage for a programme, “An Experience with… Robert De Niro”. The 75-year-old, in fact, got late for the interview,  as he had to visit a dentist in emergency first, according to a report in

“He couldn’t believe his luck when it fell out. An emergency dentist had to fix him up…He is going to get the tooth fixed properly at his regular dentist when he gets back to Los Angeles,” The Sun reported quoting a source.

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“But he saw the funny side because it fell out as he chomped toast the day before he was due to start work on the Warburtons ad,” the report added.

According to reports, The Godfather actor was in the UK to shoot a commercial for Warburtons bread, which had been earlier endorsed by Sylvester Stallone among other big names.

Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower split recently after 21 years of marriage.