Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, better known as RGV, shared on Twitter two photographs of Adolf Hitler and Narendra Modi striking a similar pose, with a caption, “Same to same” .

The respective photographs show both Hitler and Modi, in a similar fashion, pulling the ears of a child.

The same picture was earlier shared by former Congress MP Divya Spandana, who currently handles the social media operations of the Congress party. She had shared the picture on her personal Twitter handle with the caption, “What are your thoughts?”

The Satya director was called out for posting a photo-shopped picture of Adolf Hitler to show his similarity with Modi.

In the original image, Hitler is actually seen holding a little girl by her shoulders, and smiling into the camera. In the photo-shopped one, Hitler is holding the girl’s ears, just like Prime Minister Narendra Modi does with a boy in the other photograph.

Many on social media criticised the acclaimed director for indulging in fake suppositions, with some sharing the original picture and others citing bad Photoshop skills.

In fact, it looks like, if seen carefully, PM Modi’s left hand seems to have been cropped and flipped to be used as Hitler’s right hand, and his right hand as Hitler’s left.