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Bigg Boss 13, Day 33, Nov 02: Team ‘Bala’ promotes upcoming film; Shefali, Devoleena, Rashami get evicted

Salman welcomes Bigg Boss Season 7 winner Gauhar Khan and she performs to “Dilbar”.

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The much-awaited mid-season finale arrives and contestants have already started feeling the pressure. Salman Khan comes in with a sore throat and informs ‘Sultani Akhada’ where all the three men of the house have to wrestle to become the winner of the last Sultani Akhada. Cut to, Salman comes on the stage, and he continues the show with his cold throat, kickstarting the first finale night.

He entered the house and reminded everyone that only six people will go further to the finale. He also congratulated Paras Chabbra and Mahira Sharma for going ahead to the next stage. He also expressed his disappointment towards their attitude during the BB Home Delivery task.

Salman says that Sidharth Shukla and the group gave up too soon and didn’t even try to take the efforts to build new connections with Rashami, Devoleena and Mahira. He told Devoleena, Shefali, and Rashami that their attitude was not right and even they gave up without understanding the importance of winning it. Devoleena tries to defend herself but failed to do so. Salman warns them that since everyone is nominated apart from Paras and Mahira, they should be ready to face the consequences. Meanwhile, Salman also tells everyone about what is going on and where they are going wrong.

Salman also highlights how Mahira went to the next stage swiftly irrespective of the fact that she wasn’t even in the top six as far as the voting trends are concerned. Meanwhile, Arti and Paras talk to each other and everyone else as well as to what went wrong over the decision they took on Friday during the BB Delivery task.

Salman then welcomes Bigg Boss Season 7 winner Gauhar Khan and she performs to “Dilbar”. Salman asks Gauhar about what she feels about the show and she explains how every ‘Googly’ of Salman is what is making the show interesting. Salman also asks her about her pick of top 4 contestants and she names Sidharth, Rashami, Shehnaaz, and Devoleena. Salman then asks Gauhar to quality-check the wild card entrants.

Salman introduces Arhaan Khan where he is scrutinized by the newly appointed Contestant Control Officer, Gauhar Khan. She asks some twisted questions to him to test his strategy and potential to be in the game. Passing the test, Arhaan gets the approval to enter the house. The host later introduces the “Kaanta Laga” girl Shefali Zariwala who fearlessly answers Gauhar’s questions and impresses her with her honesty.

Next up in the line is Hindustani Bhau whose charm and innocence attracts Salman Khan and he arranges for a special surprise for him. He shows him a special video message from Jackie Shroff and gets him to speak to his idol Sanjay Dutt over a phone call. Later, Salman introduces Ayushmann Khurrana and Himanshi Khurana as the new contestants. While it comes as a shocker for everyone, Ayushmann clarifies that he is not the contestant but Himanshi is. A special panel is called including Bhumi Pednekar and Yami Gautam to interrogate Himanshi and about her equation with Shehnaaz. After introducing the new contestants, Salman meets the housemates and gives them shocking news of elimination.

Salman enters the house once again, for the final evictions, while Arti begins to cry. Salman then asks everyone to come again and indulges in some leg-pulling. He later announces the 3 contestants, and calls out Shefali’s name first, followed by Devoleena, and Rashami.

Earlier, during the episode, Salman had decided to have some fun and says that Shefali, Arti and Asim have been eliminated, who then go out and wait for the main entrance to open. However, the door doesn’t open and Salman calls them back in to give the news of the real evictions.

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