Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West can go to any extent for the love of makeup and we have a specimen to prove this. The beauty mogul is surely confident about her makeup skills but she decided to take it a notch up. So, Kimberly convinced her mother to act as a guinea pig while she practices her mortician make up skills.

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In the preview of the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner lies like a dead body so that her daughter, Kim could explore her funeral make-up skills.

At the beginning of the video, Kim confesses, “I feel like I know makeup very, very well. And, before I even go to a professional, I want to test it out on my mom.”

Kim then requests her mother to ‘substitute for a dead body’. “Can I just practice on you? You can relax and just chill,” she says.

Once Kris agrees to play along, she lies on a massage table and Kim K gears up to work the magic.

Meanwhile, Kris quips, “I was gonna say, This might feel a little cold, but you’re dead so it doesn’t matter.”

While Kim gets engrossed in making her mommy ‘beautiful’ Kris decides to prank her. She startles her daughter by suddenly popping up her head and yells.

“Oh my god, you really scared me,” Kim confesses. “I almost peed my pants.”

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Check out the video here.