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‘It’s Epic!’

For fans of the superheroes league, here’s a candid chat with ace actor Benedict Cumberbatch on Avengers: Infinity War and more.

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Q. How was your experience in India?

Amazing, it was quite an experience. It has its highs and lows but it was fantastic.

Q. Do you watch Bollywood movies?

Yes, I have seen a couple of Bollywood movies.

Q. Do you see yourself acting in a few of them?

No, not at the moment.

Q. If you have to choose five avengers, not from the original list what would it be?

The point of this film is about coming together. It’s about how united we stand, divided we fall. Stranger is above that and not to be too pompous about it but he is kind of guided by the reality as opposed to fractioning elements of a bigger group or a smaller group in the middle of reality.

So, I don’t’ know. I am not interested in sides, favourites or anything.

Q. You are one of the few people who have read the entire script, so there is a lot of pressure on you?

Not really, is it? Why? I don’t know. Do not say something to a journalist. You’re not paying me, I’m not going to say anything to you guys (laughs). I read it because of what my character does. It’s just having an old-fashioned approach to work and I like to know the context to what I am doing rather than just an isolated bit.

That was reason enough and I kind of badgered them a lot about it and I can guarantee, even though I have a vague idea of what (it ) may become, when I end up watching the premiere for the first time, it will be as thrilling and novel and exciting.

More so, because this I don’t think scripts are never the films anyway. There are so many changes that go on; it’s been a year in the making, every day, every minute, every scene they change.

Q. Tell us how was the experience with so many actors on the set?

Great! It was really exciting, it was kind of daunting to begin with but then, it got really good fun and happy and joyous times ensued and with RDJ (Robert Downey Junior) at the helm… he’s a God and great fun to be around.

Q. Walk us back to when you found out that you were going to create Doctor Strange. What was your reaction like?

It was a slow burn really. I didn’t have one of those cold in the middle of the night moments thinking you know what? It was talked about by a journalist so it entered my head and then it was talked about as the part of the MCU and my agents got wind of it and said “Would you be interested in that” and I said “I don’t know, take a look if you think it would be great for me.”

Then I went in to meet Marvel and then it became clear that they were really working but then, I couldn’t accept it.

Then it went to someone else and then came back to me, so it’s been a sort of a roller coaster journey. I am really glad with the way it all worked out, very glad!

Q. What would be your favourite pairing if they make another Avengers that you can look forward to?

I think the ones I got- RDJ and Ruffalo are great. It can’t get better than them and Spidey.

Q. Can you describe the movie for me in three words?

Epic, Epic, Epic!

Q. India loves superheroes and we at Movies Now love superheroes as well. Do you have message for fans here?

For all of you in India who love superhero movies and in particular, the Marvel cinematic universe and particularly, any characters in this universe… the 10 year history is all leading to this and it’s on your doorstep. I can’t wait for you to see it, open the door and step in, it’s going to be amazing.

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