Young roast expert Carryminati or Ajay Nagar is known for his funny and quirky videos on YouTube. Having started at the age of 11, he now has over 3.7 Million subscribers with over 390 million total views on his channel.

Many actors are extending themselves and promoting their films with YouTubers like him. Recently, Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise was in Paris to promote MI6. There, he engaged with Carryminati in a fun conversation on the red carpet. They discussed Cruise’s journey as well as the experience through all six parts of the Mission Impossible narrative.

Ajay aka Carryminati said, “I was quite excited to meet him. It’s like a dream come true. I found him to be a very cool and humble person, smiling and voluntarily clicking pictures with everyone. He spoke to me about how he really likes India and the people here and also about the experience of being a part of Mission Impossible.”

“He cracked up while talking about how he performed all the stunts himself and how he has ended up breaking his bones numerously while performing them. I really want to thank my network One Digital Entertainment and Paramount Pictures for making this happen. I will be soon uploading the video of my conversation with him.”

Carryminati has another channel, Carryislive, with 667+ subscribers and 20k peak concurrent views on a single stream video. Another achievement in his kitty is that he is also India’s No.1 live stream game broadcaster on YouTube.