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5 Marvel characters that can actually beat Thanos

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MCU’s latest instalment in the series Avengers: Infinity War is just a month away from making its much-awaited release on the big screen and ever since the release of the trailer, fans have been wondering about the epic battle between Marvel’s superheroes and their toughest challenge so far, Thanos.

Thanos is one supervillain that has been described as the most powerful supervillain in the Marvel universe and his appearance has been eagerly awaited by the fans for a long time now.

Marvel Cinematic Universe president, Kevin Feige, also revealed that this will be the Avengers toughest challenge and will have all the superheroes unite for a common enemy, who wishes to wipe out the existence of life.

We all know that the part 1 of Avengers: Infinity War will be the final appearance of one superhero and it has been speculated that the death of one such mighty hero will come at the hands of Thanos, played by Josh Brolin.

But do you know there are some superheroes or supervillain (in some cases) that can actually defeat Thanos.

Yes, Thanos can be actually defeated without any hurdles and there are a number of superheroes that can bring down the god-like supervillain.

Let’s check out a list of 5 superheroes/supervillains that Thanos would think twice to have a face off with:



Hulk Smash! The angry monster, who is one of the most popular Marvel superheros, is no less than Thanos. Both of them are actually the same size and possess superhuman strength, super resiliency to nuclear damage. But if Hulk is not angered enough than Thanos will defeat Hulk in the first round itself. Hulk can only beat or incapacitate Thanos if he is super angry or agitated enough to destroy an entire planet. According Marvel wikia, Hulk also has a higher rate of durability than Thanos, which makes him the stronger of the two Marvel characters.



Beyonder would literally defeat Thanos without any problem in just a couple of seconds. But how can he do that? Well, Beyonder’s super power of manipulating reality is pretty much the answer to everything. Beyonder can defeat Thanos at the mere desire of doing so as for him manipulating reality is as easy as wishing for a desire to come true. Beyonder is an ancient being belonging to a group named Beyonders. Beyonder is probably the best supervillain to defeat another supervillain, however, there isn’t any real motivation for Beyonder to get involved in the mix.

Drax the destroyer



Drax was created by Kronos for one purpose — to bring havoc upon the world. But as much as he looks like a supervillain, he’s not. Drax is one of the most skilled and toughest superheroes in Marvel and can go toe-toe with both Hulk and Thanos at the same time. Yes, Drax’s superhuman strength varies and is also an amasing tracker. He can track Thanos’ minutest movement, making him vulnerable and an easy target. Drax is being played by Dave Bautista in the MCU and will also feature in the upcoming film.

Odin Borson


While many superheroes will die trying to defeat Thanos, Odin Borson will have it a little easier as compared to the earth’s mighty heroes. Odin’s superhuman strength, speed and durability makes him almost the best competitor for Thanos. In one specific comic adaptation, he singlehandedly defeated Thanos and Silver Surfer with ease. But his most special power is vast knowledge and wisdom that makes him superior than Thanos. He can actually stop time or travel through it, cast an entire alien race upon on a planet or a person. Seems like Thanos has got quite the competition lined up for him.

Adam Warlock


Adam Warlock is another example that can beat Thanos but with some help. In one of Marvel’s comic, it has been revealed that Adam Warlock alongside Drax and Silver Surfer defeated Thanos. But what makes Warlock worthy of this list? Warlock’s superhuman strength, stamina, durability, manipulation of energy and matter, and some mystic powers is your answer. Warlock is as strong as Thanos and even wishes to conquer Thanos gauntlet of the infinity stones. Rumours are that Warlock just might be an addition to the MCU in the upcoming two-part film if the post credit scene of GOTG 2 are to be believed after Aisha teased the womb of Warlock.

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