Dharmendra, an elated father of Sunny Deol who is the Bhartiya Janta Party candidate from Gurdaspur (Punjab), posted a photograph of Sunny Deol shaking hands with PM Narendra Modi on his Twitter account, congratulating his son for his performance in the Lok Sabha polls.

As counting of votes for 542 Lok Sabha seats is underway, two Deols, both contesting on a BJP ticket, seem to be leading in their respective constituencies.

Dharmendra took to his Twitter account to congratulate his wife Hema Malini and son Sunny for their prospective victory.

He wrote: “Faqeer Badshah Modi JI , Dharti puttra sunny Deol, Congratulations. Achhe Din Yaqeenan Ayen Ge( King Modi ji, son of soil Sunny Deol, congratulations. Good days have certainly come) along with sharing a picture of Sunny Deol.

Sunny Deol contested the Lok Sabha polls of 2019 from Gurdaspur seat against Congress leader and sitting MP Sunil Jakhar.

Minutes after posting a message for his son, Dharmendra took to his official Twitter account to congratulate his wife, actor-turned-politician Hema Malini.

He also shared a picture of her and PM Modi who seem to be sharing a joke and laughing about it, with a caption that read, “Hema, Congratulations. We love Mother India we have proved in Bekaner and Mathura. We will keep our  flying………always ”

Hema Malini contested against Narendra Singh of Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) and local industrialist Mahesh Pathak of Congress from Mathura.

Bollywood celebrities are sharing their excitement on social media to witness the election results. Among many, Anupam Kher was the first one to exude confidence in people by stating that India’s future will shine with the results of the elections.