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Classic works of national award winning filmmaker Subhajit Mitra

 Subhajit Mitra won the National Award for Avijatrik, a sequel to the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s classic,  Apu Trilogy’s concluding part.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Director Subhajit Mitra is a renowned Bengali filmmaker, whose masterpiece ‘Avijatrik’ (The Wanderlust of Apu) recently won the award for best Bengali film in National Film Festival 2022.

The movie presents the journey of Apu and his 6-year-old son Kajol. Apu dreams to be a globe traveler and wishes to experience the outside world. The story revolves around a beautiful bond between father (Apu) and son (Kajol), their dependency, and their love for each other. The movie concludes with how Apu ends up sharing his journey of wanderlust with his son.

 Subhajit Mitra won the National Award for Avijatrik  which is a sequel to the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s classic  Apu Trilogy’s concluding part.

Following is the list of a few works of Subhajit Mitra, that are a must-watch:

Chorabali (Movie,2016) –  The movie deals with the concept of greed for power, human emotions, and the idea of a perfect crime. The movie is set in colonial Kolkata. The story revolves around how a criminologist and police officer investigates a murder case with a crime writer.

Flickering Angels (Short Film, 2012) – This movie represents the struggles faced by refugee children who lost their parents. The story revolves around a few girls who lost their parents and live in an orphanage on the India- Bangladesh border. The girls, despite all odds, discover their talents and aspire to live a better life under the care of the orphanage.

The men who saved killapara (Short Film, 2017) – This film is a real-life story of the men who fought in Killapara, during the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. This is the same war that created Bangladesh.

Mon Amour: Shesher Kobita Revisited (Movie, 2008) – The title of the movie is in three languages, that are French (Mon Amour), Bangali (Shesher Kobita), and English (Revisited). The story is of an international director who revisits Kolkata while working on a film. There he meets his ex-lover and her husband, who later became his friend. This is a tale of a love triangle and a revisit to the past.