Actor Kartik Aaryan, who has been enjoying his quarantine period with his family, has revealed how he changed clothes by the roadside for his stage performance at the Umang event last year. On Monday, the actor shared a BTS video clip on his YouTube channel. In the video, Kartik can be seen borrowing a t-shirt from his hairstylist.

The video opens with Kartik getting his beard trimmed from his hairstylist, who is seen wearing a black t-shirt which Kartik wore for his dance performance. He then leaves for the event venue in his green Mini Cooper, stops midway and wonders what he’s going to wear on stage. He asks his hairstylist for his tee which has a scooter design on it and changes his clothes on the road.

He shared the video with a description saying “Umang Award function performance went kickass but getting ready for it was much more fun.”

In the video, he can also be heard saying, “Khepcha ki momos ki khushboo aari hai mujhe.” A few policemen even spotted him in between his changing session and he greets them with a handshake. He finally gets ready on the road and says “Aaj ka din ho gaya (it’s done for today).”

Later on, the actor can be seen teasing one of the female members of his team by throwing the smelly tea on her and she is running out of her van to avoid it. He finally goes on to pair the black tee with shimmery black trousers and a sparkling blue jacket and drives a bike to the stage.

His fans were overjoyed to see such a side of the actor. They enjoyed this video and showered comments on the actor. One user wrote, “The thing that he behaves the same way even after becoming popular is unique (sic).”