Prabhas is an actor whose performance in the two-part epic action drama film, Baahubali, was unquestionably one of the most sensational performances. His presence was simply heroic in the cinemas and the film provided the viewers with a chill-inducing plot, awe-striking action scenes, alluring drama and a combination of much more, which created the legendary film! On Tuesday, the film marks the third anniversary of Prabhas starrer and the nation celebrates the force that took over us all.

Baahubali 2  has certainly become a classic must-watch film and manages to grab the attention of the viewers whenever it is being played, even if the viewers have watched the film multiple times. Prabhas has set a benchmark with his fabulous performance in the film and has inspired many. His hulking fanbase across the world is ushering in the celebration and truly, it is a day which brought us a saga, never seen before.

Prabhas was the first actor whose film Baahubali had the prestige to be one of the first non-English films to be premiered at Royal Albert Hall where the biggest and the best of the musicians have performed. The first part of the film grossed a jaw dropping amount of ₹650 crores worldwide while the second part earned a breath-taking amount ₹1027.84 crores, worldwide.

Owing it to Prabhas’s mesmeric presence in the cinemas, the second part of the film became the highest-grossing film in India. Even after its 3 years of release, the film still manages to stay the top-grossing film in India. The film earned 100 crores on day 1 and was the first movie in India to reach a rating of 9.3 on IMDb.

Prabhas has truly surpassed the sky as the limit and taken to creating a huge irreplaceable space in the industry for himself. Next on the actor’s plate is his 20th film followed by his next world-wide release with Nag Ashwin which will surely be another super hit that the actor will grace upon the audience. Just hang on tight for his next magnificent performance!