Salman Khan is known to be a family man who is quite protective when it comes to his near and dear ones.

From bonding with brothers on Koffee with Karan to expressing care and love for younger sister Arpita Khan, Salman never misses a moment to express his love for his family members.

Arpita holds a special place in the life of Khan Brothers and they are very protective about her. Arpita tied the knot with Aayush Sharma on November 20, 2014. The two have a two-year-old son Ahil.

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Salman Khan is backing up Aayush’s debut film Loveratri. Both Arpita and Ahil also accompanied Aayush at Loveratri trailer launch.

During the trailer launch, Salman spoke about the moment when Arpita introduced Aayush to the family before their marriage. As per Salman, Khan brothers were initially hesitant but later came to terms with Arpita’s choice.

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Salman shared a fun story and said, “Sohail and I were supposed to do this film called My Punjabi Nikah that’s still under production. So we were looking for a new boy. After a month Sohail said ‘I’ve seen a guy in the gym. He is the ideal casting for My Punjabi Nikah.’ I said that’s great, let’s sign him. But then that guy simply vanished and reappeared after three months.”

He added, “We met that guy (Aayush Sharma) at our home when Arpita brought him and said I want to marry him. We agreed, and then Sohail told me, remember I told you about that boy at the gym for that film? He’s the boy! I said ‘great, now our film will be made for free.’ So nepotism doesn’t suit him!”

Salman also said Arpita’s case was similar to his other sister Alvira’s marriage proposal. Alvira is married to actor Atul Agnihotri.