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Bigg Boss 13, Day 55, Nov 24: Bigg Boss house sees no eviction this weekend

The housemates are sceptical about the double eviction and expect Salman to come back and announce something.

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Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Salman Khan making an entry onto the stage. He then shows a glimpse of what happened in the last few hours. Asim and Sidharth try to pacify the things with each other. Sidharth tells Asim that the latter knew about Rashami’s game. Meanwhile, Arti tells Rashami to open her cards and play well.

Asim and Shefali try to explain Himanshi to not to take things personally in the BB House. Himanshi says that Paras is taunting her but they tell her to respond back. Sidharth and Asim hug each other out as Arti says that both of them were equally guilty. After some time, Salman enters through live TV and tells the housemates that they will first begin with the eviction process.

Salman announces that both Arti and Devoleena have received equal number of votes, which is why both of them will be evicted. But he asks them to stay till the end of the episode. Salman then jokes about balloons being sold the most in Bigg Boss. He then pulls Shehnaaz’s legs post which she hilariously talks about speaking to Bigg Boss on phone.

Salman then asks Bhau about his missing beard post which he gives the credit to Paras. He then introduces ‘Galatfaimi Ke Gubbare’ task for the housemates. The task begins with Mahira bursting Shefali’s balloon for commenting on her lips. Post that, Paras and Shehnaaz end up bursting Shefali’s balloons. Vishal bursts Rashami’s balloon. After that, the other housemates also take names one after the other thereby bursting balloons.

Salman then invites a few family members and friends of some of the housemates on the stage. Jay Bhanushali and wife Mahhi Vij (Sidharth and Rashami’s friends), Parag Tyagi (Shefali’s husband), Akansha Puri (Paras’ girlfriend) and Umar (Asim’s brother) are invited on stage. Jay then says that he has known Sidharth for 7-8 years. He also calls him a real person and reveals that he is the same outside the house. He also comments on Sidharth and Rashami’s fight with each other. Mahhi says that Rashami is somewhat lost in the show and is giving hardly 10%. Jay says that Rashami’s confidence went down with Arhaan’s exit from the show. Akansha also says that Rashami has also become weak during the second innings. After that, all of them have a discussion about Asim and Sidharth’s fight.

Jay, Mahhi and Parag take Sidharth’s side and Umar, on the other hand, take Asim’s side. All of them try to put their points of view about the entire fight. Jay says that the aggression on part of Asim was too much which everyone agrees. Umar says that Sidharth is now changing sides with Paras. Parag, Umar and others say that Paras is playing a dirty game. Akansha does not agree to this and says that he is, indeed, playing a smart game. Parag also talks about the instances in which Paras has commented on people’s characters which Salman also agrees. Akansha says that Paras is still safe in the house which indicates that he is the smartest player.

Salman then asks Akansha about Sidharth’s friendship with Paras. She reveals that she knows both Sidharth and Paras. She also says that Paras knows about the same. Parag then says that the breaking of Sidharth, Shefali, Asim and Bhau’s group is not good and that Paras will take advantage of the same. Akansha says she finds Shefali, Sidharth and Asim, the strongest in the house.

Akansha reveals that Paras is possessive about her friendship with male friends because of which he is jealous of Sidharth Shukla. She also says that his playboy image has worked in the show. After that, the topic of discussion becomes Shehnaaz. Jay reveals that Shehnaaz is Mahhi’s favourite. Almost all of them say that Shehnaaz is their favourite contestant.

All of them agree that Asim and Sidharth’s Jodi is the best and they want to see them together. Salman then says that Sidharth and Asim were quite excited about fighting in the Sultani Akhada. Post that all of them individually take the name of that one housemate who they think will win the show. After that, all of them take leave from Salman.

Rannvijay Singh is the next guest to enter the stage following which Salman reveals about the task conducted by Rannvijay inside the house. Rannvijay then speaks about creating a biryani emoticon which should be promoted all around the world. Salman then shows a glimpse of how Rannvijay enters the house and is greeted by everyone.

He then introduces the ‘BB Sitare’ task in which the housemates have to come in pairs and name that one person who does not deserve to be in the show. Himanshi and Mahira are the first to arrive. Mahira takes Rashami’s name but Himanshi does not agree to this and takes Paras’ name. After some time, they unanimously take Asim’s name and tear his poster. Devoleena and Bhau take a lot of time to decide one person’s name. In the midst of all this, Rashami, Mahira and Paras get involved in a fight. Devoleena and Bhau end up tearing Mahira’s poster.

Later, Shehnaaz and Shefali take two different names. But in the end, both of them take Himanshi’s name. Asim and Vishal take Rashami’s name. Sidharth and Paras are called next post which they take Devoleena’s name. Rashami and Arti end up taking Paras’ name. Shehnaaz, Shefali, Sidharth, Arti, Bhau and Vishal are declared BB Sitare after which they get a special Biryani treat. Rannvijay then takes leave from all of them.

After the task, Devoleena and Paras get involved in an ugly spat. Vishal advises Devoleena to play for herself which she agrees. Salman then enters the house through live TV. He gives them yet another task to guess the housemate who has given a particular statement about them and then spray foam on the same. They start taking names one by one and spraying foam on each other thereby leaving everyone in splits.

Salman then asks Arti and Devoleena to take leave from the others. The housemates are sceptical about the double eviction and expect Salman to come back and announce something. After some time, Salman returns again and asks them to go near the exit door. Bigg Boss then jokingly says that the main door hasn’t opened in 5 minutes which means that none of them have been evicted this weekend. Salman also announces the same and then takes leave from the audience.

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