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Bigg Boss 13, Day 5, Oct 4: Aarti Singh reveals she was going through depression, housemates get into ugly fight

Let’s see what the housemates did in the Bigg Boss house of Day Five.

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Day five at the Bigg Boss house started with the discussions about Shefali Bagga, who was sidelined by all the housemates in the previous episode after which she failed to perform as a team player. The contestants woke up dancing to famous Adnan Sami song “Lift Kara de”, but Bigg Boss had some other plans for the contestants later in the day.

Let’s see what the housemates did in the Bigg Boss house of Day Five.

“Housemates decide not to corner Shefali Bagga”-

All the contestants decided not to corner Shefali and try to be normal with her. Dalljiet Kaur and Aarti Singh (Shefali made a personal remark about her, two episodes ago) also decided to behave normally with Shefali. While on the other side of the house, in the garden area, Rashmi and Siddharth Shukla got into not so aggressive argument over kitchen duties. Siddharth and Rashmi wrapped their conversation with jokes and laughter.

In another segment, Shehnazz Gill told Siddharth Shukla that her Bed Friend Forever Siddharth Dey got cosy with her and touched her inappropriately at night. But she changed her tone later and later made it sound like a joke for which housemates Devoleena and Aarti criticised her.

Later in the episode, Rashmi also tried to support Siddharth Dey by telling Shehnazz that she cannot randomly point a finger at the famous writer in the industry. But Siddharth thought that Rashmi was being sarcastic when she told about him to Shehnazz. When Devoleena tried to intervene, Siddharth lashed out at her and called her “small-time actors who have done only one or two shows.”

During lunch, Koena Mitra also discussed with Siddharth Dey about accusing Devoleena and Rashmi of being jobless. But Siddharth defending himself and denied saying that they were jobless. But Koena kept on insisting that he said before her and other housemates also took Koena’s side.

“Aarti Singh talks about her low phase”

Aarti talked about her low phase in the industry. She recalled her struggling time period in the Television when she did not get work after her most popular and hit show “Waaris”. Aarti said that she was undergoing depression after she did not get work. She also revealed that around that time she also got a very nice proposal of marriage, which later fell apart as the groom’s family got to know about her depression.

‘Housemates get into an ugly fight”

Mahira and Shehnaaz got into an ugly fight over Paras Chhabra. She asked Shehnaaz to stop reacting when Paras chats with her. Shehnaaz then confronted Paras and asked him to choose between herself and Mahira. On the other hand, Devoleena and Siddharth Shukla got into a fight, while Rashami, Koena, and Siddharth Shukla attacked Siddharth Dey and said that he has a loudmouth.

Dey told Bigg Boss that he needs to go to his house and he is losing his self-respect in the game. Rashami told Siddharth Dey that if he has so much work outside what he is doing in Bigg Boss 13.

“Bigg Boss assigns new task”

As Bigg Boss assigned a new task to contestants and told them that the girls have to nominate the boys and will handover a black ring to the nominated boy. Mahira and Dalljiet nominated Abu Malik, Shefali nominated Siddharth Shukla. Shehnaaz, Aarti and Rashami nominated Asim, while Koena, Devoleena gave a black ring to Siddharth Dey.

As the episode ended, the audience witnessed that apart from Paras, every male contestant got nominated. Abu told Shefali and Dey that every time he gets a chance he will nominate Mahira and Dalljiet. Contestants discussed the elimination process and said that Devoleena will get nominated.

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