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Bigg Boss 13, Day 4, Oct 3: Shefali nominates herself for ‘Queen of the house’; Aarti Singh breaks down as housemates get personal

Let’s see what the housemates did in the Bigg Boss house on the 4th day:

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Day four in the Bigg Boss house was a day of trivial fights. The contestants woke up dancing to the song “Jo Dil Se Lage” from the movie Dear Zindagi, but the fun level kept declining once the task of the day was announced. Although, this isn’t something new for the house, but this was probably more than one would expect in one day.

Let’s see what the housemates did in the Bigg Boss house on the 4th day:

“Hospital task continues”

As the hospital task continues on day 4, the contestants were seen bearing pain in order to enable their teams to win the luxury task. The roles of doctors and patients are reversed. Rashmi read the task note and informed housemates that the roles of doctors and patients have been swapped. Siddharth Shukla who beared a lot of torture the previous day during the tasks was now given a position of a doctor on day 4 along with Koena Mitra to chose their patients whom they can torture during the tasks.

The two chose Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill from the other team as their patients and were told to treat them for skin ailments.

Sidharth and Koena tortured them by pouring cow dung and other sticky liquids on them to make them leave their chairs. The situation turned worse when the two doctors tied the patients with blocks of ice. While Aarti and Asim were told to treat Shefali and Paras for a hearing disorder.

“Shefali and Siddharth Shukla get into fight”

After the task, Shefali and Siddharth got into a fight where Shefali went too far. Siddharth told Shefali that BB house is not her private property. When he asked her,” Who the hell are you,” Shefali responded, ” Don’t bark” and called him a ‘dog’.

Aarti Singh and Koena Mitra was trying to control the situation and asked Siddharth to calm down. Shefali called Siddharth ‘badtameez’.

On the other side of the house, Rashmi was having a conversation with Daljiet where she appreciated Siddharth and said, “He never made me let down”.

Selection for “Queen of the house”

Bigg Boss told housemates to choose ‘Queen of the house’ and said that the female contestants will not get nominated and will not do any work. Shefali nominated herself but other housemates nominated Devoleena. Shefali was very happy and did not agree with the housemates choice and fought for her stance.

Bigg Boss told the contestants that as they could not decide the Queen of the house so he aborted the task. The housemates lost their patience and started shouting at Shefali. By witnessing all those scenes, Devoleena got emotional and started crying. Rashmi tried to calm her down. Paras told Shehnazz that she was doing wrong by supporting Shefali but she did not listen to him.

“Housemates pull up Aarti Singh’s past”

On the other hand, Aarti Singh and Paras Chhabra talked about Shefali Bagga while washing utensils. The two discussed that it was not fair to drag Aarti’s past during a task. Aarti reacted on it and got emotional and said that she has never been married in her life. Shefali got personal and asked Aarti about her marriage life, divorce, weight and rumoured relationship with co-contestants.

As the episode ended, the audience witnessed Siddharth Shukla trying his level best to remove Aarti from her chair while performing tasks. Aarti broke down in tears but did not get up from the chair.

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