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Bigg Boss 13, Day 37, Nov 06: Sidharth Shukla nominated for 2 weeks; housemates fight over ration

Aarti blames Paras and Asim for not managing the ration well, which lead to an ugly fight between Aarti and Asim, who tries to explain that someone must have hidden the ration or kept it back.

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Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 saw drama and chaos. The episode began with the contribution of the ‘Bigg Boss Transportation Task’. A tussle takes place between Sidharth Shukla and Mahira Sharma and the latter ends up getting hurt. Mahira accuses Sidharth of being violent with her. The two of them get involved in an ugly spat with each other. Sidharth, however, does not admit his mistake. Paras taunts Sidharth by calling him a ‘fattu’ and the latter also hits back at him in a similar way.

Mahira accuses the other team of stealing their items. Shefali hits back saying that it is, in fact, Mahira’s group which has started the entire thing. On the other hand, Paras and Sidharth’s fight continues. Shehnaaz asks Bigg Boss to show her real face as it is a reality show. She also talks about being accused of overacting. Arti bursts out at her and schools her for her ignorant behaviour. This leads to an ugly fight between Shehnaaz and Arti. Meanwhile, Himanshi Khurana breaks down and speaks her heart out in front of Hindustani Bhau. She says that she is happy about being called to the show as it’s where all the things have been cleared out.

Thereafter, an ugly spat ensues between both the groups. Shehnaaz and Mahira accuse the other group of stealing their items. They end up throwing all the items towards the other group. Mahira bursts out and Paras tries to calm her down. She tells Shefali and others not to touch her from next time. Asim, on the other hand, warns Shehnaaz not to hurt him on the face.

Paras and Sidharth try to clear things out with each other but this also results in another ugly fight. Later, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to gather in the common room – an order which Shehnaaz refuses to abide by. Bigg Boss then reprimands Sidharth Shukla for being violent towards his fellow contestants on the show and as punishment, nominates him for two straight weeks. Shehnaaz is also punished for not listening to Bigg Boss and gets nominated for a week. Sidharth Shukla is also given a stern warning by Bigg Boss.

However, Shehnaaz continues to cry throughout the day saying she’s done with the show and that she wants to leave the house. Meanwhile, the second round of the task is cancelled by Bigg Boss. Khesari Lal Yadav tells Sidharth about his behaviour and his fake smile. Later on, Sidharth bursts out about the entire matter.

Shehnaaz is called inside the confession room. She says that she does not want to stay in the house. She also brings out Himanshi’s matter in between saying that she wanted to clear things with her. Shehnaaz also says that Sidharth has betrayed her. Bigg Boss tells her that Sidharth is, in fact, always with her. Bigg Boss tries to make her understand about the entire matter, post which she says that she will talk to Sidharth.

Shehnaaz has a conversation with Arti and Shefali. Arti says that she is hurt by her behaviour. They also tell her to go and talk to Sidharth and not to hurt him as he believes in her. She goes to reconcile with him. Next morning, the housemate wake up and dance to “Proper Patola”. The episode is again filled with fights and altercations. Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra continue with their war of words and threats, poking fun at each other’s careers.

Meanwhile, the housemates have a fight over the kitchen ration in the house. Aarti blames Paras and Asim for not managing the ration well, which lead to an ugly fight between Aarti and Asim, who tries to explain that someone must have hidden the ration or kept it back. A furious Asim also says that the Bigg Boss 13 house now needs a new captain instead of Aarti.

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