Bigg Boss 13, Day 34, Nov 03: New contestants enter house; Arti becomes first captain

Ayushmann, Bhumi and Yami give an amazing performance on their song “Don’t Be Shy” on the stage.

Bigg Boss 13, Day 34, Nov 03: New contestants enter house; Arti becomes first captain


The episode begins with Salman Khan entering into the show and announcing the ‘First Finale’. He calls the evicted contestants on the stage i.e Rashami, Shefali and Devoleena. Devoleena and Shefali express their desire for sending Arti outside the house. On the other hand, Rashami takes Asim’s name who she thinks should be out of the show instead of her.

Salman Khan then calls on stage Gauhar Khan again. She sympathizes with Devoleena, Rashami and Shefali and calls them ‘strong women.’ Gauahar confronts Rashami about the ‘delivery task’ in which she was not able to convince Paras on her behalf.

Arhaan Khan, the wild card entrant was called on stage. Rashami says that although her connection has come to the show, she is going out. Meanwhile, Devoleena gets emotional and Gauahar tries to console her. Salman gives Arhaan some advice and then sends him inside the house.


Back in the house, Asim, Paras and Mahira have a discussion about Rashami. Asim tries to explain that their eviction is indirectly related to the last task. Mahira gets offended and says that they did not want her to win.

Arhaan Khan enters the house. After some time, the housemates divide into groups as usual and start talking about Arhaan. He tells the other housemates that some people tried to link him up with Rashami and that the news has been published in newspapers too. On being asked about the same, he denies all those rumours and says that Rashami is just a good friend.

Salman then announces that Shefali Jariwala is the next wild card to enter the show. The housemates greet her happily and she has a good interaction with everyone. She is shocked to know that Rashami and Devoleena have been evicted from the house. Asim and Arhaan have a conversation with each other post which they give their own opinions about the game and friendship. Arhaan tells Mahira that she is playing a very good game and advises her to be real in the house.

Meanwhile, Khesari Lal Yadav makes an amazing entry on stage along with Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee and dances to his popular song “Theek Hai!” On the other hand, Bala stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam and Bhumi Pednekar also enter the stage.

On being asked whether he has any game plan before entering the show, Khesari says that he is a simple man and that he does not have any plan. They decide to send Khesari through the ‘tedha’ rasta because of which he has to take a ride on the bull. After that, he makes an entry into the house.

Meanwhile, Ayushmann, Bhumi and Yami give an amazing performance on their song “Don’t Be Shy” on the stage. After that, the three of them take leave and Salman announces the entry of Hindustani Bhau into the house.

On the other hand, Tehseen Poonawala, who was sent to the secret room a few days back, enters the stage. He then answers some questions asked by Salman Khan. He was shocked to know that Rashami, Devoleena and Shefali have been evicted from the house.

Gauahar asks some questions to Tehseen including his plan to dethrone Sidharth Shukla who he considers to be the ‘king’ of the house. He is then shown the pictures of some housemates and is asked to give them names through a loudspeaker. Gauhar sends him through the ‘tedha’ rasta after that.

The next to enter the house is Himanshi Khurana and this irks Shehnaaz a lot who had some previous tiff with her. Shehnaaz breaks down in front of Paras and Arti and says that Himanshi is the one who had a fight with her outside. All of them try to calm her down as she bursts out saying that she does not want to stay in Bigg Boss. Meanwhile, Himanshi also talks about her tiff with Shehnaaz in front of Asim, Mahira and others. Shehnaaz speaks her heart out in front of Sidharth who tries to make her understand and asks her to ignore everything.

Sidharth takes Shehnaaz to meet Himanshi, where the latter says that she doesn’t know Shenaaz. After that, Tehseen Poonawala enters the house and greets everyone. He says that his wife is a big fan of Shehnaaz.

Bigg Boss interacts with all the housemates and asks them to name that one particular person who they think does not deserve to be in the show right now. The housemates mostly take the name of Arti and Mahira. Shehnaaz, Himanshi and Arhaan are also named by a few of the housemates. Vikas and Tehseen have a small tiff with each other but they end it in a hilarious way.

Bigg Boss then announces that it was actually a procedure for the selection of the first captain of the house. Arti is announced as the first captain of the season. After that, the special room for the captain is unveiled in the bedroom. She is also declared safe from the next week’s nomination and is informed about her special powers.

Shehnaaz tries to clear things out with Himanshi but the latter says that her mother has asked her not to talk to her. Shehnaaz then breaks down again and informs Arti about the entire matter. Himanshi says in front of the camera that if Shehnaaz apologizes to her parents on national television, then everything can be solved.

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