Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 was full of arguments and allegations. The housemates were given a task, which was completed but only after overcoming many hurdles.

Let’s see what happened in the Bigg Boss house today:

Deepak vs Dipika

Both the contestants stand against each other and pick a housemate each time to slam. The task was going well until Sreesanth begins to talk for Dipika. He counters every point put forth by Deepak and even starts an argument with Karanvir. Dipika wins the task.

Deepak instigates Sreesanth

After the first round of the task, both teams walk out to the activity area. During the next task, Deepak grabs Sreesanth’s sipper and refuses to give it back. The former cricketer loses his temper and yells at him, while Deepak’s teammates ask him to give it back. By the end of the task, Deepak even irks Surbhi who is in charge of the task.

Team Black upset with Surbhi

Surbhi, judge of the ‘grab the bottle’ task, is accussed of being partial by Team black. Karanvir gets into a fight with her and claims that the results display bias. Somi tries to calm him down as he shouts.

In the next episode, Sreesanth will be given the power to throw other housemates in jail as punishment.

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