Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan is well known for his activities on Twitter. He never fails to keep his fans and followers around the world up-to-date with his daily life, thoughts about life and the lives of those dear to him.

Very recently, we saw the 75-year-old ‘Shahenshah’ taking the Internet by storm with an advertisement in which he is seen with his daughter Shweta Nanda for the first time ever.

He makes it a point to congratulate people who achieve something big, retweet facts about his cinema, and wish people on important days. And he also keeps the folks at Twitter on their feet with his ‘concerns’ regarding the number of his followers.

The megastar, who continues to entertain and amaze us at his age, is currently busy shooting for ‘Brahmastra’ in Bulgaria. As is expected of the Big B, he regularly posts photos of himself soaking the warmth of the colder Sun in the eastern European country and walking on the green blades of grass in the night.



In between, Bachchan appears to have also found time to walk with his ‘Brahmastra’ co-star Ranbir Kapoor on a street in New York City.

“Out on a walk on the streets of NYC with THE  Ranbir Kapoor .. selfies and all ..” wrote Bachchan along with two photos.


Some fans, probably from the US, posted welcome messages and said they would love to meet him wherever he was at NYC.

But if you take a closer look at the second photo in the tweet, you’d be able to see a man dressed like a senator from Ancient Rome stalking the two actors.

Did you miss him? Here:


(Photo: Twitter/@SrBachchan)


That’s obviously an ancient Roman with a modern-day sling bag on his shoulder! But what is he doing in New York? And how is a Roman-era man walking so casually in the world’s most famous cosmopolis?

While a section of the media quickly went gaga over the “New York” photos of the two actors, the fact is that Bachchan and Ranbir were not in NYC. No, the megastar was not lying! He was probably playing a joke with the fans.

Besides Twitter, Amitabh Bachchan is also a regular on his blog. While he did not clarify the New York bit on Twitter, he explained that part on his blog.

“‘Walking the streets of NYC .. selfies and all with THE Ranbir’ , was not NYC real , its NYC set in the Studios of the shoot in Sofia .. so to them that seek appointment for a short acknowledgement in New York .. errr .. the flights leave morning and night, via Frankfurt, with sufficient jet lag ..” he wrote on 23 July.

That time-travelling gentleman from ancient Rome (let’s call him that for the moment) was probably not completely out of place with the plot of the movie, which we know as of now is a superhero film.

Commenting on the film’s title, director Ayan Mukherji had said in October 2017 that the film was named after the mythological super-weapon of Lord Brahma because “the energies, wisdom, powers in the film come from ancient India”, adding that it was a modern-day film set in India as it exists today.

“There are some costumes, may be not the way you’d expect them to be,” the director told mediapersons at the red carpet of Jio MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival.

One can only speculate on whether the Roman senator came from his time with the titular Brahmastra in his sling-bag to hand it over to Ranbir. Anything can happen in the fantastical world of cinema!