In 2013, Sanju Rani Verma from Meerut, who is now in her early thirties, had left her family and home to pursue her dreams instead of ‘settling down’ and getting married like most other women of the country. 

Now she has cracked the challenging state Public Service Commission (PSC) examinations, results of which were announced last week, and is all set to become a government officer.

When asked about her further plans, she said, “I am still not content because I want to crack the civil services examinations and become an IAS officer.”

Speaking of her struggling days, just after she left home, Sanju said that after her mother’s demise, there was mounting pressure on her to get married and to settle down. Her family wanted her to leave college-something that she was not ready to do.

As clashes on the issue began in the family, Sanju chose her own life-path and left home.

Sanju Rani Verma had completed graduation from RG Degree College in Meerut and was pursuing post-graduation from Delhi University.

“That year (in 2013) I not only left home but also the PG course which I was pursuing from DU. There was no money. So, I took a room on rent and started teaching children. I also got part-time teaching jobs at private schools. Somehow, I continued my studies for civil services exams,” Sanju said.

Sanju is happy that she chose to pursue her dreams. She will soon be joining the service as a commercial tax officer.

“My final aim is to crack the civil services exam and become a District Magistrate,” she said.

Sanju is less bitter about her family. “They had their reasons and I had mine. I want to support my family in every way possible now,” is all she said.

She took coaching from Meerut and her teacher Abhishek Sharma has been instrumental in her success.

“I remember how the mains got postponed just 18 days before the scheduled day. And I was extremely happy about it because I was suffering from chickenpox. The examination went well and I was sure that I would clear it this time,” she added.

“Little girls with dreams become women with visions.”