Alipore Court today directed mayor Sovan Chatterjee to pay a sum of Rs 40,000 for his daughter’s upkeep every month and a sum of Rs 70,000 as legal expenses to his wife Ratna Chatterjee. The sums are to be handed over in three months.

The mayor had been in the news over his marital problems and had been living away from his wife. The couple was earlier in the news after the city police arrested the mayor’s wife following a complaint from Chatterjee alleging that his wife Ratna, along with some miscreants, had illegally assembled in front of his house in south Kolkata at night.

Ms Chatterjee stated that she was protesting against her husband claiming he had refused to sign visa-related documents for their daughter Suhani Chatterjee’s trip to Germany for a scholarship. “She was arrested and later released on bail,” her lawyer said.

The mayor filed a divorce case last year and earlier lodged two complaints against his wife. Regarding the incident that led to his wife’s arrest, Chatterjee said that his security officials had informed him that Ratna Chatterjee was trying to enter his house despite being prohibited by court from doing so.

“She tried to barge into my residence and attempted to break open a door,” Chatterjee had said. Refuting his wife’s claim regarding his refusal to sign documents required for their daughter’s visa, the Mayor further alleged that Ms Chatterjee was trying to make him sign forged documents.

Denying the allegations, Ms Chatterjee said that the only reason behind her sit-in demonstration was to get the Mayor’s signature for their daughter’s visa document