WB Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited the Tata project area in Singur on Wednesday evening to apprise herself of the latest progress in the land conversion work and expressed intense satisfaction about the near-completion of the ongoing work.

She said, “We are ready to send the detailed report of the completion of work as directed by the Supreme Court, two weeks ahead of the final date fixed by the court.”

Already the seeds of seasonal vegetables have been sown and saplings have come up.

The irrigation department is working to install 56 mini deep tube wells.

The chief minister praised every one, from the labourers to the higher officials and expressed her desire to reward every one appropriately.

She also announced an extra LTC for the police personnel deployed there and a reward of Rs.10,000 for the constables for putting in their tireless effort at Singur.

The chief minister assured the farmers who have received the physical possession of land of more agricultural kits (seeds and manure) and financial help.

Banerjee said the ownership of 71 acres of land cannot be traced out. no one have yet turned up to claim ownership of the land.

Surprisingly, such untraced owners of land had previously collected the compensation cheques.

The 71 acres of unclaimed land will be kept separately fenced, which later can be used for public welfare purposes, she said.

Singur will attract research workers, students, agriculturists and people from all over the world.

Singur will became the destination of the world, she said.

Monuments in remembrance of Tapashi Mallick, Raj Kumar Bhul will be set up, an outlet will be set up where the interested visitors can avail books on Singur Andolan and its success story, audio and visual VCD will also be made available, a board will be set up,depicting all the names who have put in their tireless effort towards the completion of the work,much ahead of the scheduled time.

The chief minister said: “Next time when I visit, I am sure this land will be full of greenery.