Girls in Meerut came out on the streets to demonstrate against the rising incidents of rape and other crimes against women. Beating pans and plates as a mark of protest, the protesters demonstrated outside the office of divisional commissioner. They were accompanied by social activists and people from different sections of the society.

The group gathered at the Commissionerate in the city and marched to the Collectorate where they handed over a memorandum addressed to the district magistrate.

The girls demanded immediate action in cases of rape and crime against women and also appealed to take measures to ensure the safety of women.

Organised by a group called ‘Let Me Speak’, the protest was led by Atul Sharma, the president of Sankalp Organisation which has been working actively to check trafficking of women and works for women rights.

Throughout the march, the girls drew attention to their cause by beating thalis and raising slogans.

“In the Indian society family members beat thali on the birth of a son and the same son commits rape,” said Atul Sharma, adding that it is also essential to insult such people through similar traditional ways of beating the pans. “We wanted to catch the attention of people towards this serious issue,” explained Sharma.

“Voices were raised against Kathua gangrape but in other similar incidents of rape as in Mandsaur the strong voices of protests were missing,” claimed Sharma adding that there is a serious need for a mass awakening against the issue.

“The concerning fact is that the rape accused enjoys his life in spite of the charges. What is needed is a social boycott of not only him but his entire family,” said Sharma adding that the group has decided to beat thalis outside the houses of the rape accused and their relatives.