The Himachal Pradesh Congress and the state Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday accused each other of ignoring farmers and started a blame game over farmers’ protests in Delhi over the new farm laws.

Congress blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi government for the crisis by selling farmers’ interests to few big businessmen while BJP accused the opposition party of backtracking on the issue of farm reforms.

State Congress chief Kuldeep Singh Rathore said the new farm laws introduced by PM Modi had sold the interests of farmers to businessmen and these had created existential crisis for them.

“Now the BJP government in collusion with few businessmen is trying to discredit the entire movement by hatching conspiracies but the opposition wouldn’t let PM Modi government in succeeding in such plans,” he added.

Rathore said Congress party had extended full support ‘Bharat Band’ call of various farmers organizations and the state unit would stage protests in all districts and blocks to extend support to farming community.

“Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has already extended support to Punjab and Haryana farmers’ who are demanding repeal of the new farm bills,” he said.

Rathore urged all sections of the society to unite and extend support to the farmers’ fight against the draconian laws of PM Modi government.

State BJP chief Suresh Kashyap accused Congress and other opposition parties of going back on the issue of farm reforms and said during previous UPA regime, NCP, DMK, RJD, SP, BSP, TMC and left parties had supported the same laws.

“Congress and other opposition parties has supported farm reforms in the past but for the sake of gaining lost ground in the country, these parties are inciting and sacrificing farmers’ interests for petty political gains,” he added.

Kashyap said the opposition parties were responsible for the poor condition of farmers in the country and these parties had different views on these laws in past but they had changed their tunes to suit their vested interests.

“Congress in its manifesto for 2019 Lok Sabha elections has clearly mentioned that if the party comes into power, it will disband APMC markets and evolve new system for marketing of agriculture products.

The manifesto also promised to give right to farmers to sell their products in other states too and no restrictions will be imposed on interstate trade of farm produce.

Besides, the party has also promised to remove Essential Commodities Act and bring new act to replace old one,” he added.

He added the party was now protesting against the same laws which had been introduced by the PM Modi government and it seems that Congress was keeping its political interests ahead of farmers’ welfare.