Himachal Pradesh Finance Commission chairman and former HP BJP chief Satpal Singh Satti on Sunday slammed the Shiv Sena leaders for allegedly making “indecent” remarks against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and said it has exposed their ‘Talibani’ attitude towards women.

Satti said the Shiv Sena which claimed to follow Shivaji’s ideology was allegedly insulting his legacy by making such remarks against Ranaut as the legendary warrior used to consider women’s respect above his life.

“Ranaut is a respected citizen of the country and such statements amounts to disrespecting the entire women power,” he added.

He said the Bollywood actress had the constitutional right to visit and reside any part of the country. The Shiv Sena leaders can’t abuse or throw out anyone from Mumbai as the city belonged to every citizen of the country. “It isn’t crime to seek justice for suspicious death of a person or brutal killing of saints or raise questions on drug mafia in film industry and discriminatory attitude of Mumbai police.

Ranaut has raised these questions, being a responsible citizen of the country and Shiv Sena leaders have incurred people’s anger by making such statements. They are now using regionalism to gain lost ground in Maharashtra,” he added.He even called on Congress leaders to clarify their stand on these statements as they were the part of state government in Maharashtra