A poor rickshaw puller suffering from cancer wants to opt for euthanasia to get rid of the pain. Being unable to bear the high cost of cancer treatment, he has applied to the collector of Sambalpur to forward his desire to appropriate authority and get permission for death.

Hadu Patnaik, a poor rickshaw puller staying in a small hut here, has been suffering from cancer since long. The doctors at VSSIMSAR said it was in advanced stage and he returned home.

He is now unable to bear the acute pain of this dreaded disease and also unable to purchase any medicine for it. His wife met the collector today expressing the desire of her husband for euthanasia so that Hadu can die a painless death.

However, the collector immediately sanctioned Rs 30,000 from Red Cross fund and asked the director of VSSIMSAR for further treatment of the patient.

It needs mention that one of Hadu’s two sons died four years ago and his other son lives separately.

His wife and two grandchildren are living in pitiable condition in a small hut and struggle to make both ends meet.