Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain addressed a press conference to update on the ongoing situation of the pandemic in Delhi. He said that Delhi saw 5100 positive cases and 103453 tests were conducted. The positivity rate was at 4.93%. Delhi’s positivity rate is looming at around 5%.

In the past three weeks, Delhi has seen a surge in the number of positive cases. There was a time that the cases had come under 200, but now it has crossed the 5000. He said that the Delhi Government is escalating the number of beds in the hospitals. In the last three days, more than 2000 beds have been added and in the coming 2-3 days, an additional 2000-2500 will be increased.

Adding further, Jain said that covid has lasted for more than a year and the most effective way to curb the infection is to wear a mask and follow the protocol of sanitisation and social distancing. He said that the night curfew in Delhi from 10 pm to 5 am has been done to avoid unnecessary crowds that could cause the virus to spread. He said that the curfew was done temporarily and the impact will be analysed. He said that people talk in extremes, some are in favour of a lockdown and some are not, therefore there has to be a middle ground.

The Minister said that Delhi’s positivity rate was still lower than many states and that the Delhi Government was ensuring measures to contain it further.

Jain said that as per the new trend, the virus was fast spreading among the people aged between 20-45 years, who may not get affected much but can pose a threat to the elderly at homes. Therefore, the vaccination should now be made available to all ages.

Delhi reported 5100 positive cases yesterday and the positivity rate was 4.93%. 1,03,453 covid tests were conducted.

Jain said, “For the last three weeks, Delhi has seen a surge. It used to be lower than 200-300 covid cases earlier, but now it is more than 5000. Delhi Government is increasing the number of covid beds in the hospitals. In lieu of this, more than 2000 beds have been increased in the past three days and in the coming 2-3 days additional 2000-2500 will be increased.”

While making an appeal to the residents, Jain asserted, “I would say that Corona has been there for the past one year and the most effective way to tackle the infection is to wear the masks. Whenever among the public, one must wear the mask, follow social distancing and sanitise. Wearing the mask is of utmost importance and if we do, we will be able to curb the virus. I can definitely say that Delhiites complied with the covid guidelines for 2-3 months and later they were relaxed, so I think that it is impacting now.”

Responding to queries surrounding the night curfew, Jain said, “The night curfew has been imposed between 10 PM in the night to 5 AM in the morning. There were reports about parties, which cause unnecessary gatherings and people are in close contact there. Hence the night curfew is aimed to avoid this situation because if even one is positive among the 50 people, all 50 test positive.”

Responding to the queries surrounding the loss of employment due to the night curfew, Jain said, “Taxis are allowed and if someone is coming from outside and have valid tickets they can travel. For restaurants and hotels, the timing is anyway 11 PM. I believe that the condition of the virus is not mellow, so we have to be aware and careful.”

While answering about E-passes and website issues, Shri Jain said, “It has begun from yesterday, I think these teething problems will be sorted out.”

Talking about the functioning of OPDs in Delhi Government hospitals as it is closed in AIIMS, Jain added, “We have directed all Delhi Government hospitals to increase the Covid beds and they would take further decisions accordingly.”

“I really hope that the cases would no longer increase and pray that everything will fall into place soon,” said Jain.