A group of militants, who apparently were looking for weapons, thrashed policemen posted for security at the house of Jammu and Kashmir’s Advocate General Jehangir Iqbal Ganaie’s ancestral house in Anantnag district when they found that cops had no weapons with them. Ganaie on Friday said that militants thrashed the policemen on Thusday night.

A group of four militants barged into Ganaie’s residence in Mattan area of the south Kashmir district late last night looking for weapons, but could not find any weapons there.

“Four gunmen entered my residence. I think there must have been two to three outside also. I do not know how it happened but these persons (militants) directly entered the house as the main door was open,” the Advocate General told PTI.

He said the policemen posted at his residence were unarmed and beaten by militants.

The militants then entered into the guard house which is an annexe to the main house. There were two cops at that time and they were beaten by militants. The guard house was ransacked. It looks they were looking for weapons, Ganaie said.

He said after finding no weapons there, the militants then entered into the main house and had an argument with his mother.

“My father and my mother were there. They (militants) had an argument with my mother and asked where the weapons were. However, after finding no weapons, they left,” the Advocate General said.

Police officials, including the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) concerned, did not respond to repeated calls.