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Kunal slams Vijayvargiya for spreading ‘fake news’

TMC’s Kunal Ghosh says that BJP is seeking to create disturbance, confusion among people by spreading fake news and stooped as low as character assassination

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

Trinamul Congress spokesperson Kunal Ghosh today lashed out at BJP central leadership and Kailash Vijayvargiya for spreading fake news and stooping as low as character assassination.

Ghosh said, “BJP cannot match with Trinamul government’s development and they are not even at the position to state Centre’s antipeople policies to the people so these leaders have deviated from the political battle, resumed to create disturbance, confusion among people by spreading fake news and stoop as low as character assassination.

He said, yesterday a BJP MP said that Sougata Roy and four other MPS will join BJP. Ghosh countered that as a blatant lie and said very senior MP Saugata Roy stated that in his lifetime he would never join the BJP.

He said on the contrary three to four BJP MPs and some prominent leaders were in touch with the Trinamul Congress leadership to join Trinamul Congress.

He said the BJP in West Bengal is divided into three categories – Adi BJP, Tatkal BJP and Migrant BJP.

There is severe infighting among the BJP. Mr Ghosh said, “Yesterday, Kailash Vijayvargiya was spreading canards and even targeted our youth president and MP through out his spe ech and referred him as nephew.”

“I dare him to name the nephew whom he was referring in his speech. I will cite two example how the CPI-M and the BJP were engaged in character assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by blaming him falsely in Bofors case.”

The Left also tried to defame Prafulla Sen and Atulya Ghosh by spreading canards that they bought the Stephen House in a clandestine way.

Ghosh said the Central BJP leadership is trying the same way to defame the Trinamul Youth Congress president and MP.

Mr Ghosh dared Vargiya, “I challenge you to name the nephew. The BCCI secretary is also his nephew. If you have courage then name the nephew in Bengal. Don’t refer him as ‘Bhatija.’If you are not coward then I challenge you to name the person and expose him to the people of Bengal.” Are you afraid of him?” he asked.

He said in 2015,2016,both Mr Vijayvargiya and Siddharth Nath Singh from a meeting in Kolkata said ,“Bhag Mukul Bhag.” Now they have incorporated them in their party as vice president.

Mr Ghosh retorted that Kailash Vijayvargiya was speaking of syndicates when his party’s secretary who was sharing the same dais with him had earlier stated” there was syndicate, there is syndicate and there will be syndicate.””

He said that he already wrote to the joint director CBI to arrange for a joint interrogation in Sharada case with Mukul Roy on 20 September2020 but to date no reply was received.

He also said in Narada case the CBI arrest ed IPS Mirza but why Mukul Roy was not arrested because he joined the BJP. He also said that he had written to the Prime Minister about a letter that CBI wrote to Income Tax department asking the name of a political leader from West Bengal who deposited about 1 crore black money in IT department to make it white.

Asked about Subhendu Adhikari,he said,“he is in the party’s steering committee, very important minister in Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet and important leader.”