From now novel coronavirus patients undergoing treatment in different government Covid hospitals across the state will get tea with biscuits at morning and light snacks in the evening in their daily diets.

According to the existing system, Covid-19 patients get meals~breakfast, lunch and dinner~ daily at Rs 150 each. On Monday, the state health department led by the chief minister Miss Mamata Banerjee has issued an order saying that the Covid-19 patients will get two additional items – tea with biscuits and light snacks in the morning and evening respectively in their daily meals.

The health department has also increased its price by Rs 25 for daily meals of a Covid-19 patient.

With this increase, the government will allot Rs 175 per day in Covid-19 care hospitals for a patient. The existing rate is Rs 150 that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The revised list of meals at Rs 175 daily includes tea with two biscuits at morning, four pieces of slice bread, milk and an egg for breakfast, rice, dal, vegetables, fish/chicken and curd for lunch, rice/chapatti, bread, dal, fish or chicken in dinner.There will be paneer/mushrooms instead of fish or chicken for vegetarian patients.

Sources in the health department said, “With complaints of a section of patients different Covid-19 -care hospitals were proposing the state government provide tea and biscuits at morning and snacks as in evening besides with the existing meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

“No food from outside is allowed for Covid-19 patients at hospitals. Therefore, there was a long gap of about six hours between lunch and dinner for patients. The new system will help the patients have little snacks,” an official in the health department said.