The victory of BJP in Hooghly has once again ignited the issue of industrial set up and agricultural development in Singur. The party’s Hooghly candidate Locket Chatterjee in her election campaign promised the people of Singur to take initiative to set up industry in the wide stretch of unproductive land within the aborted Tata Project area and to equally lay stress on the progress and development of agriculture in Singur implementing modern scientific technology.

A rally organised by a local BJP leader Mr. Sanjay Pandey with the allegedly deprived farmers of Singur, in demand for industrial set up and agricultural development marked the beginning of a second phase of Singur agitation by the Singur farmers who have the legal possession of their land areas but cannot carry on agriculture in the unproductive land.

The state government have failed to modify and reclaim the unproductive land into a productive stretch of land area, hence nearly ninety per cent of land area who still remains unproductive have practically no use to the farmers who then demanded the return of their agricultural land area acquired forcefully by the then left front government.

The ruling party government following the apex court directive promptly took steps to return back the land areas to its rightful owners but the state government failed to modify and reclaim the wide stretch of land area within the aborted Tata project area into a productive and agricultural friendly stretch of land area.

Locket lashed out at the chief minister, saying that the Trinamul congress party came to power on the back of the Singur agitation, but today the farmers and the residents of Singur are deprived of the benefits of agricultural and industrial growth.

The farmers have been returned their land without making it suitable for agriculture, ninety per cent of the affected farmers are unable to carry on agriculture in their land. The affected farmers have lost every means of livelihood as they are unable to raise crops on infertile and uneven land.

No new industries have been set up in the district for creating job opportunities for the educated youths of the farmers families. The state chief minister has deprived the Singur farmers of innumerable beneficial schemes of the central government, she said, adding that the farmers of the area are now living lives of utter misery.

Madhusudhan Das a local BJP leader have started a mass signature campaign in demand and in favour of industrial set up in Singur. Mr. Das said, “Nearly ninety per cent of land lay barren, broken concrete chunks and boulders are scattered all around and major part of its still remains embedded in the soil, the state government failed to keep up its promise to reclaim and modify the unproductive land into an agricultural area, hence we have initiated a mass signature campaign in demand and in favour of industrial set up in Singur.”