Governor Acharya Devvrat on Sunday said Himachal Pradesh was known as Dev Bhoomi but increase of drugs in the hill state was a matter of great concern. He observed that festivals and fairs were marked with increase in illegal activities, that included drug abuse and gambling.

He said it was necessary for all to work together to make Himachal a drug-free state, The Governor was addressing a gathering after inaugurating Lavi fair in Rampur, Shimla district, on Sunday.

Devvrat said drug addiction was spreading in the state and the younger generation was coming in its grip. That matter should be of great concern for all of us.

“Effective steps have been taken in this direction with the help of the government and police administration but we all need to work together in this direction,” he said.

He said, “drug addiction is not a problem confined to a family, it is a social evil which is ruining the future generation of the country.”

He noted that illegal activities such as drug abuse and gambling increased durining festivals and fairs. That should be stopped so that the significance and relevance of festivals could be maintained.

The Governor said Lavi fair was important from historical point of view. “It is not only known for business activities but also mythological traditions,” he remarked.

This festival plays an important role in preserving its rich cultural heritage of state as well as country, he added.

The Governor called upon the people to move forward in the direction of natural farming.

The state government has already made a provision of Rs. 25 crore for promoting natural farming, which is a positive initiative towards poison free farming.

He apprised the people of the consequences of chemical farming and said that by using excessive chemicals, we have made our land barren and the food grains and fruits which are being produced by using these chemicals are adversely affecting our health. This is the reason that many incurable diseases have arisen today.

He said that after the chemical farming, the organic farming which has been called for adoption is not less fatal than chemical farming, the cost of farming also increases in the first three years and there is less agricultural production also.

By adopting natural farming today we can not only increase the fertility of our soil but water consumption can be reduced and it is also an environment-friendly agriculture. This will eliminate the initial cost of farmer and the income will be doubled.

He said that natural farming is based on Indian breed cows and by adopting this farming we can also protect the cows of local breed.

He urged the people to understand the usefulness of local breed cows and therefore not to leave them on roads but instead work for the improvement of their breed.