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Shraddha killing: Chhatarpur’s CCTV mapping underway

Sources claim that Shraddha was pregnant when she was murdered. Police are carrying out an inquiry to ascertain the truth about her pregnancy.

Abhishek Tiwari | New Delhi |

The gruesome murder of Shraddha Walker in the South Delhi has become a challenge to the Delhi Police as many questions remain unanswered in the case.

In order to ascertain all the facts in the case the Delhi Police is trying to hold a CCTV mapping of the Chhatarpur area, through where the accused Aftab Amin Poonawala went to the jungle and allegedly scattered the body parts of the deceased after killing her.

According to a police source, the police are trying to find out the records of six months of CCTV footages, since the murder took place about six months ago. During the CCTV analysis in some footage, the accused Aftab is seen coming and going towards his house.

However, at most of the places the CCTV recordings are found only of the last 15 days. In such a situation, it is a tough task to extract the record of the last 6 months for proper CCTV mapping.

A police source said that the CCTV footage in which the accused Aftab is seen is recent footage. Police are trying to find out who was in touch with the accused these days and whom he was meeting continuously.

Sources claim that Shraddha was pregnant when she was murdered. Police are carrying out an inquiry to ascertain the truth about her pregnancy.

Police is still working on to recover the weapon of offense, Shraddha’s mobile, the deceased head, and the clothes worn by Aftab and Shraddha on the day of murder. It is said that the accused had thrown their clothes in a garbage moving vehicle.

However, one of Shraddha’s bags has been recovered from Aftab’s house, which has her belongings. The bag has been identified by Shraddha’s family.

It was being anticipated that Aftab’s family had disappeared after his arrest. However, it has been claimed that his family is in contact with the Delhi Police, he has not disappeared anywhere. They are coordinating with the investigation of the police.

Aftab lost job

As per the source, the accused was recently working at a call center located in Gurugram, from where he was terminated for being absent for about one week. He also claimed to be a social media influencer and food blogger. He had thousands of followers on Instagram, where he used to describe different cuisines.

Father’s DNA sample taken

The DNA sample of Shraddha’s father has been taken for the analysis of the samples collected from the jungle of the Chhatarpur area, South Delhi.

According to the source, police had taken the accused to the jungle of Chhatarpur in search of the remains of the body parts of Shraddha and to recreate the crime scene. At his instance, about 10 to 13 bones were collected from the forest, which have been sent to the forensic lab to find out whether they are Shraddha’s bones or not.

The bones recovered from the forest seem to be of the lower part of the Spinal Cord. Police will match the samples with her father’s DNA to ascertain the fact.

Blood traces at house

During the forensic analysis of the house of the accused, some traces of blood have been found from there. It is informed that these blood traces were found in the washroom and the kitchen. Police will also match these blood traces with her father’s DNA sample.

Tiff over household expenses

If sources are to be believed, both Shraddha and Aftab were having a stiff relationship and used to fight regularly. On the evening of May 18th, there was a fight between the two regarding daily expenses and who will bring the household items.

During the fight, Aftab got very angry and a scuffle started between the two. It was then, Aftab strangled her to death.

Aftab appeared before Mumbai Police in September…

It is said that after the murder of Shraddha, Aftab kept the body in his room and planned to dispose it off. After making a full proof plan overnight he went to buy a knife and freeze the next day.

Surprisingly, Aftab had reportedly appeared before the Mumbai Police in the month of September, when the Mumbai police was investigating the missing case of Shraddha, filed by her family. He recorded his statement by saying that Shraddha had left the house after a fight between them. She then came back to collect her belongings, left again and never returned again.

However, the Mumbai Police got suspicious about his statement and they contacted South Delhi police for further investigation into the matter.

Aftab’s Narco-Test likely

A police official said that a lot of technical, scientific and digital investigation is still left to strengthen the case. Police have applied for narco test in the court, and yet to receive a response over it. This test requires the consent of the accused too.