A terrible crisis is unfolding in Delhi hospitals amid the acute shortage of oxygen supply in the national capital. The dearth of life matter has killed as many as 25 severely sick patients in Sir Ganga Ram in the last 24 hours while 60 others are at risk of losing lives, Brig (Dr) Director Satendra Katoch informed.

The sources said that the condition of the patients, which was critical already, worsened due to hindrance in oxygen supply, and resulted in their death.

The hospital said that the hospital has only a couple of oxygen left and their automatic ventilators and BiPAP machines have stopped working due to compromised flow of oxygen.

“Only two hours of oxygen left. Ventilators and Bipap not working effectively. Resorting to manual ventilation in ICUs and ED. A major crisis is likely to unfold if urgent intervention is not assured. Lives of another 60 sickest patients are at risk,” Katoch stated.

For the last three days, the hospital has been struggling to cope up with a decline in oxygen supply while the upsurge in admissions of Covid-19 patients. Officials said that the patients are coming in a severe condition which is making them utilize more oxygen.

The hospital had sent an SOS message Wednesday evening when it had only a few hours of Oxygen left. A tanker arrived at the hospital after 12 pm to supply a tonne of liquid medical oxygen. The spokesperson had informed that the supply would last a couple of hours and also said that another tanker is expected to arrive by 4 am.

However, the management went into a panic when the scheduled delivery did not show up till 8 am. “Need the Oxygen to be airlifted immediately,” the hospital demanded.

Till the writing of the report, an oxygen tanker is on the way to the Gangaram and is slated to deliver around 2 tonnes of Oxygen there, sources said.