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Using IT reforms to ensure transparency, good governance: Khattar

“The public gets satisfaction only when the system is transparent, there is no injustice and discrimination against them,” he said.

Statesman News Service | Chandigarh |

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Tuesday said a leader’s popularity in democracy is determined by the fact that how many facilities are being made available to the public in a timely manner at their doorstep and the public does not have to make rounds of government offices for getting these facilities.

Speaking at an Orientation Programme organised in Chandigarh for the Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) for the implementation of IT (information technology) driven schemes at the grassroots level, the CM said corruption free, transparent, and accountable good governance is being ensured in Haryana through reforms brought about by the present state government with the help of IT in order to ensure transparency in various departments.

He said in a democracy, along with development, transparency plays an important role in ensuring good governance.

“We had come to power with a good governance resolve and we are working round the clock to achieve that resolution. Delay in governance and corruption can be eliminated through IT reforms. Any system in which there is less human intervention, the work will be done faster, in a time-bound manner, hence leaving no possibility of corruption,” said the CM.

He said the present state government has set an example across the country by starting most of the government schemes online. “The Central government has also appreciated many schemes of Haryana and the state has also been conferred Digital Award by the President. Similarly, many other states of the country are emulating Haryana in implementing schemes like online transfer and Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP),” Khattar said.

He said in the last few months, about a dozen new portals have been launched, due to which the benefits of many schemes have been being made digitally available to the general public.

“Public awareness about the online system is very important. At times it was felt that there is a lack of awareness among the public about these online schemes and MLAs can play a very important role in spreading the awareness among the masses about the same and they have to come forward to bring awareness among the public,” said Khattar.

The CM said transparent governance is the need of the hour. “The public gets satisfaction only when the system is transparent, there is no injustice and discrimination against them,” he said.

“Haryana government is dedicated to ensure transparency in various departments along with ensuring holistic development of the state. Various steps have been taken by the government in areas including IT to ensure transparent governance. The main objective of the government is to ensure the reach of the benefits of government services and schemes to those at the bottom of the pyramid,” said Khattar.