Haryana Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, Krishan Kumar Bedi on Monday announced that scheduled castes (SC) and other backward classes (OBC) people can apply for loans for self-employment from various corporations, along with other welfare schemes being run by the department, to make their family prosperous.

In a statement today, Bedi said that during the financial year 2019-20, Haryana Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation has provided financial assistance of over Rs 872.01 lakh to 967 beneficiaries with a subsidy of Rs 54.99 lakh, till August 2019, under various schemes.

The minister informed that the corporation provides loans to people belonging to Scheduled Castes under various categories so that they could establish their business or become self-employed. These categories include agriculture and allied sectors, industrial, trade, business, professional and self-employment sectors.

He said that under the agriculture and allied sector, loan of Rs 309.15 lakh has been provided to 556 beneficiaries for dairy farming, sheep farming, pig farming, and Jota-Buggi or camel cart. Of which, over Rs 279.93 lakh were released as bank loans, Rs 29.16 lakh as subsidy and Rs 6,000 as margin money.

Bedi said under the industrial sector, an amount of Rs 9.20 lakh was provided to 14 beneficiaries, out of which Rs 6.88 lakh was released as bank loan, Rs 1.40 lakh as subsidy and Rs 92,000 as margin money. Similarly, Rs 202.76 lakh was provided to 253 beneficiaries under the trade and business sector, out of which Rs 160.45 lakh was released as bank loan, Rs 22.03 lakh as subsidy and Rs 20.28 lakh as margin money.

Under legal professional, a beneficiary will be provided Rs one lakh, out of which Rs 80,000 will be released as bank loan, Rs 10,000 as subsidy and Rs 10,000 as margin money.