The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab has demanded from Captain Amarinder Singh to make arrangements to meet the domestic needs of the people of the state before a possible lockdown and provide financial assistance to the needy and the poor families. The AAP stated that the party will extend all possible cooperation to the Punjab government and the people during the possible lockdown. In a statement issued from the party headquarters here on Monday, AAP Punjab president and MP Bhagwant Mann said that however, in view of the impact of the Covid pandemic, the Punjab government was preparing for a complete lockdown in the state; but the question is whether the government has found a solution to the problems faced by the people of Punjab during the lockdown.

“Has any arrangement been made to meet the domestic needs of the people?” Mann questioned the government. He said that the businesses of the people will be shut down during the lockdown and the employees of the factories and companies as well as construction workers will lose their jobs. “This will make it difficult for the needy and poor to support their families,” he added. Mann said that however, every family in the state had to bear the brunt of the financial loss due to the lockdown imposed last year, which was still affecting the poor families. He demanded that the Punjab government should make arrangements so that no family would go hungry during the lockdown and also provide necessary medicines for the treatment of common ailments.

He said that the work of wheat harvesting was nearing completion and there was time left for paddy sowing.

“In such a situation, the migrant workers become idle and have no money or food. But now due to the pandemic lockdown, the migrant workers will not be able to return to their respective states,” said Mann. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to provide accommodation and food to the migrant workers,” he added.

Demanding financial assistance for the laborers and poor, Mann said that just as the Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal government has provided assistance of Rs 5,000 to poor laborers, taxi and auto drivers in Delhi, the Punjab government should also pay compensation on the same lines. He said that due to the lockdown, black marketing of medicines, pulses, vegetables, cooking gas and other household necessities has started. Mann demanded the Punjab government to take appropriate steps than before, to curb black marketing so that the common man is not robbed financially.