The Congress went all guns blazing saying the ruling BJD has been unmasked before the people of Odisha and its ‘secret’ understanding with the BJP stands exposed after the election to the deputy chairman in the Rajya Sabha.

While OPCC president Niranjan Patnaik pointed out the ‘equi distance’ façade of the BJD has given way and the BJP which often alleged that the Congress was a B team of the BJD has now shown who is with the BJD.

Both, the BJD and BJP have been hoodwinking people of Odisha by indulging in a mock fight here whereas they remain friend and work together at the centre for mutual benefit, he said.

There is no ideology in the BJD it is a power and election-oriented party which can join hands with anyone to remain in power, he charged.

Safeguarding state interest is the last thing on the minds of the BJD as it is willing to compromise on every issue, be it Mahanadi for 10 long years allowing the BJP to build barrages or the demand for special category state status and funds, he said while adding, “Look at TDP, TMC, how other regional parties are fighting for their respective state interests”.

Farmers are committing suicide here, but Odisha is being honored by KRUSHI KARMAN award by the BJP government at the centre, he chided.

“From 2000 to 2009 BJD was in elder brother role and BJP was younger in the state. Now BJP is going to be elder brother for BJD in future” said the OPCC chief.

In a separately held press conference, former union minister Srikant Jena the BJD party’s stand in the no-confidence motion against the Modi government and now in the election to the Deputy Chairman in the Rajya Sabha has exposed the political drama of the party which has all along been advocating equi distance from the Congress and the BJP.

Jena alleged that two big industrial houses were involved in mediating and building the relationship between the CM Naveen Patnaik and PM Narendra Modi.

Jena pooh-poohed the stand taken by the BJD for supporting the JD(U) candidate Harivansh Narayan Singh for the Deputy Chairman post on the ground that both the BJD and the JD(U) were inspired by the Jaya Prakash Narayan movement. Not a single leader in the BJD is associated or participated with the Jaya Prakash Narayan movement.