In a curious development, country’s premier investigating agency, the CBI, has filed a closure report in the sensational kidnapping-cum-murder of a 14- year-old Muzaffarpur girl Navruna Chakraborty without coming to the final conclusion. The CBI filed the closure report in the Muzaffarpur court well six years after taking over the case which involved 10 extensions.

Navruna, a grade seven student, had mysteriously gone missing from her ancestral house at Chakraborty lane in Muzaffarpur town some eight years back in September 2012.

Some high-profile persons who had their eyes set on Chakarborty’s landed properties were alleged to be involved in her murder.

Subsequently, the case was investigated by the local district police and the Crime Investigation Department (CID) but with no progress in the case, it was finally handed over to the CBI.

The Central agency began formal investigation in the case by registering an FIR in February 2014.

During the course of investigation, the CBI claimed to have recorded the statements of 66 witnesses and also announced a cash reward of Rs10 lakh to anyone who provides sufficient information about this case with concrete evidence.

Not only that, the agency even conducted lie detector tests, brain mappings and narco tests of several local police officials, ward councillors and other suspects yet it failed to extract evidence.

“Our endeavour of getting some clues in this regard after the announcement has gone in vain as no one turned up before us with any evidence. It has not worked,” the CBI reportedly said in the closure report.

This is the second time in quick succession that the CBI has come under fire for failing to come to any conclusion despite taking very long time for investigation. The agency is still investigating the murder of Brahmeshwar Mukhiya, chief of a private militia who was shot dead by unidentified persons on 1 June 2012 while taking a morning stroll outside his house in Bhojpur district.

Here in this case too, the CBI announced Rs 1 0 lakh reward to persons for getting leads in the case but has failed to unravel the mystery over his killing till date.

The CBI has taken over the investigation in July 2013. A 70-year-old Mukhiya, self-styled chief of Ranvir Sena, a private militia of upper caste Bhumihar landlords, was accused of plotting massacre of some 300 people, mostly Dalits and backwards in its bloody war of attrition with the Maoists. The Sena came into being in 1994.