Almost six years ago, the giant coffee chain Starbucks in collaboration with Tata Global Beverages opened its first store in Mumbai. In October 2017, Starbucks opened its 100th store in Kamla Mills, Mumbai. To celebrate this and ‘the customers’, Tata Starbucks decided to treat them with any tall beverage on the menu for just Rs 100 — a risk that paid off. The kilometres long queues seen outside Starbucks stores across India in October 28 2017 for that Rs 100 coffee are still a hot topic of discussion.

While it was all about celebrating the 100th store last year, Starbucks is bringing the offer back this year to celebrate the International Coffee Week. The seven-day Starbucks ‘Brewtober’ has already kicked off from October 1, 2018. On the penultimate day, i.e. October 6, 2018, any tall beverage in any Starbucks outlet in India will be sold for Rs 100.

Why Starbucks would bring back the offer? One simple reason. It worked, massively, last year. According to sources inside Starbucks, the revenue that day was five times the normal earnings. Last year, the queue for getting the coffee went way beyond the outlets with people starting to gather around the store almost an hour before the stores officially opened!

Announcing the offer last week, Starbucks India tweeted: “Celebrate the love for coffee this International Coffee Week with rich Macchiatos, delicious Cold Brew, super smooth Nitro, Java Chip & much more! We will treat you to any tall beverage of your choice at INR 100 on 6 Oct across all our stores! #Starbucks100 #StarbucksBrewtober”

What drink do people order most on such a day? “The most expensive on the menu”, of course. A staffer at Starbucks outset in Delhi’s Connaught Place (N Block) recalls the crowd mainly comprised of the college students last year. So, students surviving on their meagre pocket money will once again try to fulfill their aspirations by going to a Starbucks store on 6 October 2018.

“Whatever drink is visually appealing, is on the board, gets sold the most,” says a senior staffer from a Starbucks outlet. Most people have no idea about what to order so whatever beverage will end up looking beautiful on Instagram is usually in high demand, says another staffer.

The N block Starbucks in CP is relatively smaller and quieter than the A block Starbucks. It is the A block Starbucks that attracts more people including prominent personalities. Even then, on October 28 2017,  the rush was so high in the N block outlet that “the ice machine had stopped working by the end of the day”, a regular customer recalls.

“We are better prepared and ready this time”, a senior staffer at a Starbucks outlet says when asked about the long queues.

Asked about the problems that will be faced by regular customers on the day, a staffer says this offer will be extended to all the Gold Level customers on 7th October 2018.

So, 6 October is upon us. Expect those long queues and huge crowds again outside the Starbucks stores, and get ready to see a lot of Instagram posts and stories on your timeline featuring Starbucks beauties.

As a part of the ongoing International Coffee Week, Starbucks India tweeted earlier: “Let us take you around the world in Seven Sips on Oct 1st! This International Coffee Day, walk into your nearest Starbucks & ask our partners to treat you to any of the 7 international whole bean coffees handpicked from 7 different parts of the coffee belt. #StarbucksBrewtober”.