Taking the business to new heights, Indian film exhibition company PVR has announced the opening of an international multiplex in Sri Lankan capital, Colombo.

The nine-screen property launched in association with the Shangri La Group is located at Colombo’s One Galle Face Mall. The Multiplex will host shows with ticket prices ranging around LKR 500 (Rs. 200) and a second luxury format called PVR LUXE for LKR 1,300 (Rs. 600-700).

Considering the targeted customers, a special PVR PlayHouse has been assigned for the young ones and their families.

The multiplex is spread across two levels with an area of 38,454 sq. ft. and a seating accommodation of 1,176 audiences.

Currently, PVR has as many as 809 screens at 171 properties in 70 different cities pan-India and Sri Lanka.

(With inputs from agencies)