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Five ways to savour stress free New Year celebrations

This New Year, think about how cool you would look with a new pair of white sneakers and a black leather jacket.

SNS | New Delhi |

New Year is that time of the year which brings family time together. Because of this people can look at hitting the road to visit loved ones or to explore a new place or even stay back at home for a small gathering. In any case, if you are worried about the unspoken stress, here are some solutions that come handy:

1. Avoid taking your personal vehicles

As the Christmas and New Year approach, past twilight, roads and lanes are almost impossible to navigate. The thought of taking your own car out for work is nothing less than dreadful, to begin with. The hourly jam is something that makes you feel exhausted even before you have started the day! You can look at using travel apps like Rapido. Rapido, India’s first bike taxi app has a solution for you! Just book a bike and they will manoeuver you through the traffic so peacefully, it would make you regret why you have been wasting time breaking your head driving all this while!

2. Keep a language learning app handy

This is the holiday season. Studies tend to take a back seat with kids at this moment and right when you are in the moment of actually enjoying, your holidays are over and your kid’s exam comes knocking your door. Apps like Enguru, an English learning app can help you school kids in building a strong foundation for grammar on the go. Their engaging approach can be a substitute for mobile video games for children.

3. Have a mobile guide to explore the city

With a fast-paced moving life, even with a good lifestyle, people seldom have time for themselves where they can take a beat to relax. With year ending and all destinations being jam-packed, it’s not a surprise if many opt for small halt destination rather for the popular ones to have a quick getaway. Cleartrip activities help you in finding all that you need to know, that you can’t afford to miss when you visit a particular place. So pack your bags and leave for a relaxing ride and let the app be the Google for your travel itinerary.

4. Have the perfect kitchen set up to make your house parties a grand success

Are you a person who calls over people to celebrate even for the tiniest of things? Not for any wrong reason but only because you love celebrating life and feeding people? It’s a good thing to socialize as it acts as the stress buster. What should I cook? Should it be the trending diet food or some oil dripping-finger licking cuisine? Well, easy-to-cook multipurpose cookware brands like Pigeon can take of all the above tension while you really don’t have to break a sweat! Don’t forget, New Year also brings you good offers on these products which can be less stressful on your pockets in case you plan to do a last minute purchase. For instance, Pigeon has a Rs 2019 combo offer. So if you are looking to give your kitchen a new look before all the house parties that are coming along kitchen, go for it!

5. Identify your fashion partner who can help you with the perfect look for New Year

They say shopping has a healing effect. It does! Especially, if it comes with an affordable price! This New Year, think about how cool you would look with a new pair of white sneakers and a black leather jacket. The thought itself seems to take away half your stress out. So why not get it for real? Apparel apps like Voonik have come with a varied New Year collection that is not only uber cool for an occasion you could think of walking into but also easy on your pockets!! So go shopping and chuck stressing!