The students of National Institute of Technology Rourkela (NIT Rourkela) in Odisha will now witness a post-graduate course in Big Data engineering.

E-learning platform Edureka has partnered with the institute to prepare the students for this.

According to Edureka, it will provide scholarships up to Rs 1,50,000 with the motive to select learners of the course, which will be based on the results of a scholarship test.

The institute will be seen sharing its updates including research with the world through Edureka’s live, online training platform.

The Director of NIT Rourkela Animesh Biswas stated, “At NIT Rourkela, it is our mission to advance and spread knowledge in the area of science and technology leading to creation of wealth and welfare of humanity.”

Biswas added, “If Data is the oil of the 21st century, Big Data is the aviation fuel. I am proud to say that with NIT Rourkela and Edureka joining hands, we will be able to fulfil the never-ending demand for Big Data engineers in the industry.”

Edureka said- The curriculum will nurture learners into Big Data Engineering experts through rigorous training, exposure to practical projects, placement assistance, an opportunity to network with industry veterans.