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Black Friday sale is here! Stay safe from cyber fraud

Before you start filling your online shopping carts, it’s wise to arm yourself with measures to counter the potential cyber security pitfalls

SNS | New Delhi | Updated :

It’s the biggest sales day of the year. And this year’s Black Friday sale is expected to be bigger than ever. In USA, up to $90.14 billion is expected to be spent over the long weekend starting Friday, according to a study by 

However, while people are always prepared to loosen their purse strings to shop till they drop, seizing the best deals offered during the holidays, this is also the time cyber criminals wait for. They leave no stone unturned to leverage the opportunity to lure online shoppers with some too-good-to-be-true offers eyeing to extort millions.

So, as you start filling your online shopping carts, this holiday and any other time, it’s wise to know about some potential cyber security pitfalls, and arm yourself to counter them. Mohit Puri, Director, Sales Engineering, at Sophos India & SAARC, has some expert advice to help protect you online.

1. Go for a web filter

Web filters stop you from browsing to websites known to be used for scams, phishing or spreading malware.

2. Use password managers

Make sure you don’t hit ‘Save Passwords’ ever on any site. Use a Password Manager, instead. Password managers create, remember and enter passwords for you, but won’t do it on a phishing site, even if they look absolutely convincing and flawless.

3. If it looks too good to be true, it is

Scammers are known to make wild claims, using familiar brands, friends or family to make them seem trustworthy. Don’t get lured. Stay alert. If something seems fishy, it probably is.

4. Check your bank statements regularly

Many a times, scamsters siphon off your money in such small amounts that you won’t notice. Make a habit to check your bank statements regularly.