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Apple CarPlay to be updated soon

The latest update is expected to roll out by September this year

SNS | New Delhi |

Just weeks after Google announced a major update for Android Auto, Apple has also announced the ‘biggest’ update yet for its CarPlay car concierge service. The update will be pushed out with iOS 13 in September, Apple announced at the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

Here the highlights of the upcoming Apple CarPlay update

  • Feature a new dashboard that can show multiple apps in a single view including maps and music
  • A new home screen with a refreshed look that features rounded corners, new table views, and a redesigned status bar.
  • The music app has been redesigned to make it easier to find songs and also it will now show album art, unlike before.
  • With the update, Apple maps will now appear on the screen even if different points of interest show up. The Apple maps will also show a more detailed view of intersections, post the update.
  • Siri takes up only part of the screen, so you can keep an eye on things like directions while still making requests. Until now, Siri takes the complete screen when summoned. Currently, a user has to tap the voice command button to start Siri but with the update, one can summon Siri by a hot word ‘Hey Siri’ like on modern iPhones.
  • Just like Google announced Dark UI for Android Auto, Apple has come up with light mode for Apple CarPlay.
  • Post update, an app open on iPhone won’t affect what is open on the CarPlay screen, so passengers can pick a song on the device while the driver can keep looking at Maps. until now, as soon as a new app is opened on the iPhone it gets mirrored on the CarPlay screen.
  • The calendar app will also be updated to give the user a quick view of the day while on the go.
  • The updated software will also get a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode. Like in iPhones, it will mute all the notifications, while you are driving.
  • Apple has also announced that the updated CarPlay will be able to automatically adjust to different screen sizes. It will support irregular screen sizes including circular shape screens as well. The updated software will also allow the carmaker to show information in a second screen, such as in a cluster or HUD.