The past few years have seen a real boom in the tutoring section, but finding the right tutor that suits the needs of parents and children is still tough. While the options for hiring a tutor may have increased, there is also a lot of confusion over hiring the right one. This is where the idea of a demonstration or demo class comes into picture.

With recent developments in technology, it is possible to have a demonstration before selecting the tutor. Many education technology platforms readily provide with demo classes before selecting tutors.

Here are a few reasons why opting for a demo class is a good option before arriving at any conclusion about a tutor.


Every tutor may have a different approach towards teaching. But as a student, the most significant criteria for choosing a private tutor should be to understand how well the teacher can adapt to your pace and style of learning. A demo class will help you evaluate this. You can ask questions and understand if their teaching method suits you. At the end of the class, you will be in a position to assess whether the teacher’s methods of teaching work for you or not.


While the background, credentials and history of the tutor can be verified, it is still important to be cautious. Parents have to be careful because they are letting a stranger into their homes when they opt for home tutoring for their child. A demo class is helpful & important as it allows parents to personally interact with the tutor in the presence of the child. A personal meeting through a demo class allows parents to get to know if they can trust the tutor with the child in their absence.


A demo class also gives a clear picture of the tutor’s punctuality. If the tutor is late for the demo class, you know what to expect, going forward. It is important to ask questions like – Is the tutor making excuses for the lack of punctuality? Is he/she able to cover up for lost time? Does he/she take responsibility for your child’s performance? Questions like these give the parent & the student an idea of the demeanor of the tutor.


However experienced a tutor is, what matters is how effective he or she is for your child. If the tutor is unable to make the student understand the subject, despite years of experience, then experience becomes in consequential. A demo class lets you know first-hand how effective the teacher is.


More than the background, it is important that parents as well as student feel comfortable with the tutor’s teaching style and professionalism. It is vital for the tutor and student to be in sync. Without synergy between the tutor and the student, neither is comfortable, and demo class is immensely useful to find this out.

Selecting from the several options and choosing the right tutor is easy now thanks to demo classes.

(The writer is CEO & Founder, GuruQ)